Vision Probe for CMM System Handles Sheet Metal, Small Holes


Renishaw has expanded its Revo five-axis measurement system for use on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), with an RVP vision measurement probe.

Handheld Probe CMM Requires No Programming Experience


Keyence’s XM-series handheld probe coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is intended to be an easy-to-install option for entry-level operators who need to perform 3D measurements with high accuracy.

Shaft Measurement Machine Fit for the Shop Floor


Jenoptik Industrial Metrology introduces the Hommel-Etamic Opticline series of optical shaft measuring devices.

Surface Finish Gage Offers One-Button Calibration


Mahr Federal’s latest version of its Pocket Surf portable surface finish gage includes updated electronics and additional features.

Blue Light Scanner Improves Scanning of Shiny Surfaces


Available from Capture 3D, the ATOS Triple Scan 16M high-precision blue light scanner provides as many as 16 million points per scan.

Software, CMM Integrated for Portable 3D Inspection


Verisurf Software’s Master3DGage system provides rapid 3D inspection and reverse engineering capabilities said to help shops increase production and improve part quality.

Laser Height Sensing System for Waterjets


Flow International offers the DynaBeam laser sensing system, a noncontact material height-sensing solution for waterjets.

Pencil Probe Provides LDVT Measurement with High Accuracy


The KurtSmart Probe from the Kurt Industrial Products Division combines the advantages of a linear variable differential transducer (LDVT) with the accuracy of a linear scale in a more affordable package, according to the company.

3D Measurement Machine Eliminates Need for Reference Points, Backdrops


Zoller’s 3dCheck five-axis CNC measurement machine enables fully automatic measurement and evaluation of current standard geometries of round tools.

Tool Positioning System VDI Reduces Setup Time


The Eppinger Trifix tool positioning system from Exsys enables quick and accurate exchanges of both static and driven tooling for multitasking machines.