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PUBLISHED: 4/2/2013

Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid for Multi-Metal Substrates

Chemetall’s Tech Cool 35048BF semi-synthetic metalworking fluid is a 100-percent boron-free micro-emulsion formulated for improved lubricity and extended sump life.

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2013

PowerStream VP High-Pressure Coolant System

PowerStream VP from LNS America is a high-pressure coolant system that enables users to program variable pressure outlets to deliver up to 2,000 psi of filtered coolant.

PUBLISHED: 12/3/2012

Range of Bio-Based Fluids for Aviation, Metalworking and Clean Energy

Acculube distributes Castrol’s Performance Biolube collection of industrial fluids.

PUBLISHED: 11/7/2012

High-Performance Coolant Formulated for Fracking Pump Parts

Mag’s Cyclo Cool 4000 and 4100 metalworking fluids are formulated for machining stainless and heat-treated steels used in forgings for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pump parts and similar equipment for the oil and gas industry.

PUBLISHED: 11/6/2012

Wedgewire Drag Flight Scraper Conveyor

Jorgensen Conveyors’ wedgewire drag flight scraper conveyor is designed to efficiently remove chips and fines.

PUBLISHED: 10/23/2012

Candle Filter for Fine Particulate Oil and Coolant Filtration

Prab’s candle filter is designed to remove fine particulate from spent oil in EDM, tungsten carbide tool grinding, honing machine and bearing grinder applications.

PUBLISHED: 6/5/2012

Semi-Automatic Centrifuge Reduces Water, Compound Consumption

Rosler’s Z800 HA semi-automatic centrifuge is designed for process water treatment and recirculation in mass finishing and wet blasting applications.

PUBLISHED: 4/20/2012

“Green” Coolant Meets Aerospace Requirements

Chemetall’s Tech Cool 35052CF metalworking coolant is designed to combine the high-lubricity characteristics required for aerospace and medical-device alloys with green chemistry technologies.

PUBLISHED: 4/3/2012

Mist Collector Cuts Accident, Fire Risks

Royal Products' Filtermist FX series is designed to collect mist and smoke generated by virtually all types of metalworking machinery.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2012

Magnetic Coolant Cleaners Reduce Machine Tool Wear

Eriez’ magnetic coolant cleaners are designed to keep machine tools running longer and more accurately, with lower costs per unit produced.