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PUBLISHED: 5/2/2011

Deep Bed Gravity Technology Enables a Variety of Filtration Levels

Mayfran International says its Hydrostatic Paper Filter combines high levels of chip removal with coolant filtration to improve the productivity of the high-performance metalcutting and finishing machine.

PUBLISHED: 4/5/2011

Metalworking Solution for Difficult-to-Machine Materials

Tech-Cool 35052 is a premium-grade, chlorine EP-activated, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid formulated for titanium (Ti6Al14V), high nickel alloys (including Inconel and Hastalloy), aluminum alloys (cast and wrought) and ferrous substrates.

PUBLISHED: 3/29/2010

Filter Extends Cutting Fluid Life

Prab/Monlan’s paper bed filter is designed to extend the life of cutting fluids by removing solids from industrial process liquids.

PUBLISHED: 2/8/2010

Cutting Tools, Fluids For Aerospace Machining

 Cyclo Cut cutting tools include indexable milling tools, rotary cutting tools and toolholders for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations.

PUBLISHED: 10/8/2009

Compact Disk Skimmer Features Boomerang Wiper Blades

Abanaki’s compact, disk-type oil skimmer is designed for removing unwanted tramp oils from coolants and parts washers. The skimmer features a 1/2" × 12" plastic disk and a 110-V, fan-cooled gear motor.

PUBLISHED: 8/11/2009

Coolant Resists Bacteria, Odor and Rust

Available from Dyna Tech Chemical Specialties, DYNA Cool K2002 metalworking coolant is said to reduce problems with coolant odor, short sump life, dermatitis and rust accumulation on machines. The high-performance cutting fluid is formulated with c...

PUBLISHED: 2/9/2009

Grinding Oil Improves Surface Quality

Blasogrind HC 5 from Blaser Swisslube is a high-performance grinding oil based on synthetic oil (hydro-racked oil). Applications include precision tool grinding, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, fine profile grinding and lapping. Materials ...

PUBLISHED: 11/5/2008

Small Sump Cleaner For Limited Space

Cecor introduces the 60-gallon Sump Shark sump cleaner. It is designed for cleaning machine tool sumps in shops with limited space. The cleaner’s vertical design allows it to fit in tight areas, through crowded aisles and around corners.

PUBLISHED: 10/8/2008

Grinding Filtration System

Ebbco’s Evolution series filtration systems for the grinding industry are said to be a complete precision machining filtration package, suitable for use with virtually all metals, PCD and ceramics.

PUBLISHED: 7/7/2008

Coolant System For Cleaner Machining