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PUBLISHED: 5/13/2019

Skinny-Vise Expands Inspection Arsenal Workholding System for Small Parts

Phillips Precision has added more workholding versatility to its modular Inspection Arsenal system with the Skinny-Vise.

PUBLISHED: 4/1/2019

Kurt's Rotary Table Workholding System Provides Three-Sided Workpiece Access

Kurt’s rotary table workholding system is designed using the company’s DX6 CrossOver hydraulic vise with a trunnion mounted onto a fourth-axis rotary table.

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2019

Inspection Vise Improves Part Visibility

Eastec 2019: The Skinny-Vise inspection system from Phillips Precision Inc. is said to improve visibility and repeatability for CMM and vision systems.

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2019

Modular Fixturing Offers 10 Configurations

Eastec 2019: The X-Plate system from Mitee-Bite Products is a versatile modular fixturing platform for three-, four- and five-axis applications.

PUBLISHED: 3/5/2019

Large Workholding Chucks Available in Various Configurations

Eastec 2019: Kitagawa NorthTech will be displaying its Nobel brand of workholding chucks for vertical turning lathes (VTLs), available up to 3.5 m (11.48 ft.) in size.

PUBLISHED: 3/5/2019

Low-Profile Edge Clamps' Serrated Teeth Grip Soft Materials

Eastec 2019: Jergens has made additions to OK Vise range of compact, low-profile edge clamps. Among them are Multi-Rail (MR), Knife Grip and Hydraulic Kits. 

PUBLISHED: 3/4/2019

Large-Diameter Chuck Jaws Enable Faster Setups

Eastec 2019: Matching workholding to Dillon Manufacturing’s large-diameter (15" to 60") chucks is said to enable faster setups.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2019

Chuck Enables Pneumatic Workholding

Eastec 2019: The Erowa PowerChuck P’s added feature is said to extend the application possibilities. 

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2019

Adhesive-Based Workholding Holds to Tight Tolerances without Distortion Risks

Eastec 2019: Blue Photon will demonstrate its photo-activated adhesive workholding system.

PUBLISHED: 2/27/2019

Internal-Grip Chucks Strengthen Hold with Pull-Back Clamping

Eastec 2019: Northfield Precision Instrument Corp.’s line of custom internal-grip collet chucks features a 0.0001" total indicator reading (TIR) or less.

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