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PUBLISHED: 3/27/2020

Big Kaiser's Unilock Stabilizer 50 Counters Cutting Forces for Tall Parts

Big Kaiser’s Unilock Stabilizer 50, a modular device for the Uniflex ball system, provides lateral support for tall parts during machining, welding or assembly processes.

PUBLISHED: 3/24/2020

SMW Autoblok's Centco4 Chuck Centers, Compensates for Various Geometries

SMW Autoblok’s Centco4 2+2 self-centering and compensating chuck can clamp round, cubic, angular, irregular and other geometric workpieces.

PUBLISHED: 3/11/2020

Schunk's Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13 Clamps Small Parts

Schunk’s Vero-S NSE Mikro 49-13 is a completely sealed miniature clamping module specifically for metalcutting, assembly, handling and measurement applications.

PUBLISHED: 3/11/2020

Garant Xtric Centering Vise Available in More Sizes

Hoffmann Group has modified the Garant Xtric centering vise with a center jaw and now offers the workholding device with four new base lengths.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2020

Sveconek's High-Capacity Workholding System Holds 10 Parts

Sveconek LLC’s high-capacity workholding system can hold up to 10 parts in a single-acting machinist vise.

PUBLISHED: 2/21/2020

Quindex Fifth-Axis Device Attaches to Fourth-Axis Table

The Quindex fifth-axis indexing system from Index Designs is designed to enable five-sided machining applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/21/2020

SMW Autoblok's WPS/APS Workholding System Provides Flexibility

SMW Autoblok’s WPS/APS workpiece positioning system features zero-point clamping for use in turning, milling, inspection and finishing operations.

PUBLISHED: 2/10/2020

MicroCentric's Collet Chuck Compensates to 1.5 mm

MicroCentric’s quick-change compensating collet chuck is designed for machining shafts between centers.

PUBLISHED: 1/28/2020

Kurt's VersatileLock Vises Serve as Lighter Tombstone Alternative

Kurt’s VersatileLock can be mounted back to back to operate as a tombstone on smaller horizontal machining centers with work envelope and weight limitations. 

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2020

Mitee-Bite Adds Long-Length Grip for TalonGrip Jaw Set

Mitee-Bite’s TalonGrip long-length serrated grip are designed to fit with the original 6" TalonGrip jaw set and provide line contact with the full length of workpiece.