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PUBLISHED: 12/26/2017

Clamping System, Vises Increase Efficiency, Convenience

Röhm Products of America’s Power-Grip Zero Point clamping system is designed to fulfill industry demands for workholding with increased efficiency, ergonomics, weight reduction and convenience.

PUBLISHED: 12/25/2017

Collet Chucks Enable Full-Capacity Spindle Operation

The elimination of the drawtube on Lexair’s full-bore, fixed-length, self-contained collet chuck enables full-capacity spindle operation.

PUBLISHED: 12/21/2017

Five-Axis Rotary Table Increases Productivity of VMCs

Exsys Tool, the North American supplier of pL Lehmann rotary tables, has introduced the space-saving TAP five-axis rotary table for small, high-speed VMCs.

PUBLISHED: 12/21/2017

Modular Towers Enable Mixing, Matching of Clamping Components

Kurt’s SeraLock Towers, along with its WedgeLock and MoveLock workholding modules, provide density, accuracy and flexibility to accommodate different part sizes and multiple parts.

PUBLISHED: 12/18/2017

Soft Jaw Blanks Achieve Dimensional Matching of Jaw Sets

Soft jaw blanks from Dillon Jaws feature a milled surface on the jaw end, providing an established surface aiding in positive serration alignment with the front edge of the jaw.

PUBLISHED: 12/17/2017

Face Drivers, Live Centers Now Offered

LMC Workholding now offers face drivers and live centers from Tecnologie FRB, a company which designs and manufactures products incorporating advanced technology in turning, gear cutting and grinding.

PUBLISHED: 12/6/2017

Steady Rests for Grinding Camshafts, Crankshafts

Kitagawa NorthTech is releasing the fully-retracting KRGU and GHS grinder steady rests.

PUBLISHED: 12/4/2017

Vacuum Slot Chuck Configurable in Two Directions

Ibag North America offers the Witte modular vacuum slot chucks designed to provide expanded clamping surfaces to meet a wide range of application requirements.

PUBLISHED: 11/16/2017

Custom Submersible Chucks for Wire EDM

Northfield Precision Instrument produces custom, submersible chucks for use in wire EDM environments.

PUBLISHED: 11/13/2017

Modular Tower Workholding for CMMs

Phillips Precision offers a modular tower system as part of its Lean Inspection Arsenal workholding line for coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) inspection.