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PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Over-Grip Collet Designed for Holding Longer Parts

IMTS 2018: Masa Tool’s Microconic T-type over-grip collet features a longer gripping surface for holding longer parts.

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Expansion Clamps Secure Workpieces During Machining, Transfer

IMTS 2018: Pascal will display a variety of workhandling products designed for productivity and machining efficiency.

PUBLISHED: 7/3/2018

Steady Rests, Work Rests Support Range of Applications

IMTS 2018: Kitagawa NorthTech will be featuring its complete line of turning steady rests and grinding work rests.

PUBLISHED: 6/29/2018

Vise Designed for Precision in CNC, Toolroom Applications

IMTS 2018: Kurt’s DX4 CrossOver vise is designed for precision requirements of CNC production to toolroom applications.

PUBLISHED: 6/29/2018

System Automates Workholding Change-Overs

IMTS 2018: Positrol’s Automation Chuck Change system enables an industrial robot to fully automate workholding changeovers.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2018

Redesigned Chucks Connect to Smartphones Via Bluetooth

IMTS 2018: Erowa’s SmartChucks line has been redesigned to combine precision and stability with wireless signal transmission.

PUBLISHED: 6/27/2018

Collet Chuck Designed for External Planes, Clamping Gears

IMTS 2018: Röhm’s KZF-S collet chuck is designed for clamping gears and workpieces that have an external plane or gear teeth geometries accessible from the outside.

PUBLISHED: 6/25/2018

Five-Axis Workholding System Increases Setup Accuracy

IMTS 2018: Carr Lane’s CL5 five-axis workholding system features faster, more accurate fixturing setups. 

PUBLISHED: 6/25/2018

Clamping System Automates Workholding, Speeds Change-Over

IMTS 2018: Techni-Grip Workholding is featuring its quick-change clamping system, Techni-Grip 2.0.

PUBLISHED: 6/25/2018

Dovetail Vise Enables Mounting without Added Subplate

IMTS: Advanced Machine & Engineering’s centering dovetail vise (CDV) enables on-center mounting, between-center mounting, T-slot mounting, and bridgeport mounting without the need for an additional subplate for tombstone mou...

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