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PUBLISHED: 7/20/2018

Workholding Technology Reduces Operations, Scrap, Labor

IMTS 2018: Blue Photon’s photo-activated adhesive workholding system is said to save time and money by reducing the number of operations, scrap and labor.

PUBLISHED: 7/19/2018

Custom Design and Workholding Capabilities Improve Efficiency

IMTS 2018: Jergens is demonstrating its expanded custom design and build workholding capabilities.

PUBLISHED: 7/16/2018

Mechanical Unit Offers Lightweight, Compact Workholding Option

IMTS 2018: Tecnara is displaying the Kawata Touchdex, a fully mechanical unit that automatically indexes and synchronizes with NC programs.

PUBLISHED: 7/13/2018

Automatic Positioning System Reduces Setup Times

IMTS 2018: SMW Autoblok’s APS zero-point clamping system connects the machine tool, the clamping device and the workpiece.

PUBLISHED: 7/11/2018

Cartridge Reduces Cycle Time, Enables More Subspindle Operations

IMTS 2018: Masa Tool’s Microconic push-type F201M10 cartridge pairs with its Microconic collets for concentricity within 5 microns (0.0002") in production use.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2018

Workholding Systems Speeds Chuck Change-Over

IMTS 2018: Hainbuch’s CentroTex system facilitates fast and easy chuck changeover for manufacturers processing multiple parts of varying sizes that require various of clamping methods.

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Over-Grip Collet Designed for Holding Longer Parts

IMTS 2018: Masa Tool’s Microconic T-type over-grip collet features a longer gripping surface for holding longer parts.

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2018

Expansion Clamps Secure Workpieces During Machining, Transfer

IMTS 2018: Pascal will display a variety of workhandling products designed for productivity and machining efficiency.

PUBLISHED: 7/3/2018

Steady Rests, Work Rests Support Range of Applications

IMTS 2018: Kitagawa NorthTech will be featuring its complete line of turning steady rests and grinding work rests.

PUBLISHED: 6/29/2018

Vise Designed for Precision in CNC, Toolroom Applications

IMTS 2018: Kurt’s DX4 CrossOver vise is designed for precision requirements of CNC production to toolroom applications.