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For CNC Users and Programmers, It’s More than a Newsletter

Published on 7/30/2010

Mike Lynch’s monthly column, “CNC Tech Talk,” has appeared in Modern Machine Shop magazine since 1990.


What a CNC Operator Needs to Know—At Least

Published on 1/6/2012

The position of CNC operator requires certain basic skills and abilities. Mike Lynch, a noted MMS columnist, offers his insights into the bare minimum for effectiveness in this important job.


G28 Versus G53

Published on 8/19/2013

Which command is better to get your machine axes to the reference position?


Changing The Perception About Our Field (Revisited)

Published on 1/2/2001

It's been over a year since the column with this title appeared in Modern Machine Shop (January 1999). In it, I addressed how we can change the perceptions of the general public about manufacturing and encourage young people to enter this field.


Why Machine Tool Probes Are Becoming More Popular

Published on 10/1/1997

Probing technology has come a long way in the last five years. Today's probing systems are highly accurate, very fast, and almost fail-safe.


Understanding 3D Coordinate Conversion

Published on 12/1/2001

Applications for five-axis machining fall into two distinct categories. The first is related to machining very complex shapes, as is required in aerospace and the mold industry.


Multiple Machine Operation Revisited

Published on 7/26/2008

Multiple machine operation has been the subject of several recent Tech Talk columns (January through May of 2008). I have received many comments, and I want to thank everyone who responded. The series states that successful applications for having one operator run multiple machines do not just happena successf


Multiple Machine Operation—As Good As It Gets

Published on 2/1/2008

I've been relating my observations about operator utilization, a rather controversial and complex subject, and I will continue to do so for the next few months. If you would like to comment, please e-mail me and explain how your own experiences compare with what I say. Ill relate the responses I get in an upcoming column.


Overcoming Common Operator Misconceptions

Published on 1/25/2016

Find out what methods your CNC operators are using and make sure they are the best practices for the job.


5 Mistakes We Find in Most CNC Programs

Published on 11/21/2019

While the mistakes listed here will not sound an alarm or cause a program to fail, they will cause confusion, wasted time and scrap parts.

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