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Case Study

Vise within a Vise System Enables Economical Five-Axis Machining

Published on 2/1/2015

A unique vise-within-a-vise system using Kurt workholding enables Peterson Machining Inc. to cost effectively use five-axis manufacturing for complex parts.


A Job Shop Approach to Automation

Published on 4/25/2020

Through patient research and smart investing, this job shop has slowly grown its capabilities and is moving toward lights-out manufacturing for prototype work.

Case Study

CAD/CAM Speeds Design And Machining For Cycle Shop

Published on 2/3/2005

To stay competitive on the street and the strip, this aftermarket motorcycle parts manufacturer takes advantage of CAD/CAM software to develop customized racing parts that it would otherwise not be able to produce.


MTConnect Is For Real

Published on 11/16/2009

Introduced at IMTS 2008, this communications protocol for CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment is already helping shops and plants implement effective machine monitoring systems. Although these "early adopters" are motivated by the long-term promise of enterprise-wide efficiency gains, their experience with pilot projects shows that benefits derived in the short term are substantial and worthwhile.

Case Study

Vending System Benefits Go Beyond Tool Management

Published on 12/1/2012

When management at Transfer Tool Products needed a way to track inventory levels and tool use, they relied on the CAP Vending Unit from MSC Industrial Supply. The vending machine has improved training, increased profits and freed floor space.


Aligning Critical Bores

Published on 12/15/2000

A chuck/fixture combo enables a gage maker to drill perfectly aligned holes in dial indicator housings.


Tsugami/Rem Sales to Host Tech Center Open House

Published on 11/3/2017

The event will highlight Tsugami Swiss-type lathes and presentations by Esprit and Edge Technologies.


Successful Open House for Cardinal Manufacturing

Published on 12/3/2013

Cardinal Manufacturing, a high school manufacturing program, raised more than $10,000 in a recent open house.

Case Study

CAM Shortcuts Simplify Lights-Out Burns

Published on 9/14/2011

A CAM system with an intuitive user interface, adaptable postprocessors and time-saving shortcuts help this manufacturer maximize unattended EDM burn time.


Committed to Kaizen

Published on 10/17/2012

This shop has made a strong commitment to kaizen, so much so that it devotes five percent of company time to continuous improvement activities. This has led to multiple ideas that have enabled the shop to become more efficient and effective.

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