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Case Study

Higher Quality, Reduced Defects Via Remanufactured Grinders

Published on 5/15/2000

This off-highway vehicle manufacturer's grinders were difficult and time consuming to set up, and holding tight tolerances had increasingly become a 'hit or miss' proposition.


Fadal, Part Two

Published on 3/1/1996

At the end of December a little publicized event passed that in fact was a major milestone for the American machine tool industry: Larry and David de Caussin retired. While that milestone may be good cause for a moment of sentiment on the part of the de Caussins' close friends and associates, if Steve Peterson has his way, it will pass virtually unnoticed by everyone else.


Manufacturer Finds The Right Cam System

Published on 10/1/1995

This manufacturer found that its new CAM system was difficult to use, and although they had invested time and money in training, their highly skilled programmer consistently outperformed the system using his own skills, a calculator, and a pad of paper.

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