Modern Is Manufacturing

From punch cards to industry 4.0, Modern Machine Shop has been the standard for reporting on the latest technology and trends in metalworking.

To this day, Modern is dedicated to exploring the cutting edge of cutting metal and what it takes to keep your shop running smoothly.

Take a look at some of our content collections, or dive right into your own search. Regardless of the path you take, Modern is Your Partner in Manufacturing

Modern Is Lights Out

Unattended production involves more than just shutting off the lights.

MMS shows you how to make it work.

Modern Is Additive

Additive will change manufacturing.

MMS helps you evaluate the role 3D printing will play in your shop.

Modern Is Automation

Automation is more than robots.
It is a new way of thinking.

MMS makes sense of the options.

Modern Is Cobots

Automation has moved beyond the safety cage.

MMS shows you how to safely work with and around robots.

Modern Is Composites

Composites are replacing metal in certain applications.

MMS examines what this means for machining.

Modern Is Cybersecurity

What does it take to stay safe in the digital age?

MMS helps you evaluate threats to protect your shop and your data.

Modern Is IIoT

Tomorrow’s automation draws on data. Begin with monitoring and build from there.

MMS shows you how to make smart decisions today and work toward better processes in the future.

Modern Is Next Gen

Training and retaining talent is the lifeblood of any successful shop.

MMS shows you how to close the skills gap.