December 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Machining Centers

This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on machining centers.


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The slideshow below includes machining centers—bridge mills, five-axis, vertical, horizontal—that range in size from Haas Automation’s small-footprint Mini Mill to Bertsche’s back-to-back P5 machining centers. Click through for details and see the links below for more information on these machines.

  • SMTCL Americas’ VMC1100B vertical
  • Enshu’s GE590H horizontal
  • Mazak’s HCN-5000/50 horizontal
  • Haas Automation’s Mini Mill vertical
  • DMG MORI’s Lasertec 4300 3D hybrid machining center
  • Absolute Machine Tools’ Johnford DMC bridge mill
  • Methods Machine Tools’ KMH-300 horizontal
  • Bertsche’s Dual P5 five-axis mill
  • GF Machining Solutions’ HSM 500 MoldMaster vertical
  • Heller’s H-series horizontal


  • Don’t Forget The Drawbar

    The force that holds the toolholder in the machining center's spindle can weaken over time. If you haven't checked drawbar force in a while, this may be the weak link in your process.

  • Milling with Air

    ... not to mention grinding with air. Thanks to high speed spindles powered by shop air, this job shop expands the work its VMCs can do.

  • Drilling Deep Holes On A VMC

    The recipe for best results is simple: Start with a rigid machine, add a high pressure through-the-spindle coolant system, then combine these with the right drill geometry plus the right speeds and feeds.