Tool Lifetime Management Software Supports Multi-Functional Tools


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TDM Systems has released version 4.8 of its TDM software designed to optimize tool lifecycle management (TLM) as part of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things initiatives. Version 4.8 includes a number of enhancements for multi-tool support, data import, wireless barcode scanner connection, and the ability to more easily and quickly generate solid models for tool assemblies, the company says.

This version of the software includes multi-tool data records that combine tool assembly data with a bill of materials to accommodate multi-functional tools with cutting edges for different machining purposes. Each respective cutting edge is assigned and linked as a single data record within the multi-tool record. When searching for tools, users can now see the search criteria corresponding to partial records as well as the full multi-tool data record.

Tool data can be imported from the MachiningCloud Internet-based tool database. This feature automatically assigns the ISO tool parameters from MachiningCloud to the TDM class/group structure parameters. A new menu tab in the tool assembly management shows the CAM programmer the required tool parameters. Depending on the CAM tool class, the programmer sees the associated TDM tool class with the relative graphic parameters and TDM parameter description.

Existing features have also been enhanced. Available since version 4.6, the Revolve Generator for generating 3D models from contours of rotationally symmetric items now works at the tool assembly level. The interface to the Casio DT-200 scanner has been extended in version 4.8 so that it can be connected to the system wirelessly. All issuing processes are made without caching, and offline transmissions via a base station are transmitted quickly to the system.