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Machine Monitoring

Tackling the Aerospace Supplier’s Dilemma: Scalability

Brent Donaldson | Modern Machine Shop

Automation and robotics can go a long way toward increasing capacity and growing a business dedicated to aerospace manufacturing. But Trinity Precision has learned that refining the indirect and unseen aspects of its operations can be just as valuable.

More than a Machine Utilization Tool

Machine monitoring is well known as a valuable tool for understanding spindle uptime and overall machine utilization. But integrating machine monitoring into an MRP system can push the capabilities much further.

How one company overcame an initial knee-jerk feeling of “Big Brother” watching after implementing machine monitoring.


Heidenhain StateMonitor 1.3.0 Improves CNC Connectivity

Ariel Long

The Heidenhain StateMonitor 1.3.0 software upgrade simplifies data viewing and control process evaluation for CNC manufacturers remotely and in real time, and is compatible with both Heidenhain and non-Heidenhain controls.

Siemens Manage MyMachines Offers Entry-Level CNC Machine Monitoring

Jedd Cole | Modern Machine Shop

Siemens’ Manage MyMachines is a cloud-based platform as a service enabling full tracking of machine kinematics as well as production data.

Caron's DTect-IT Sensor and Software Suite Capable of Various Machine Monitoring Applications

Jedd Cole | Modern Machine Shop

Caron Engineering’s DTect-IT, originally designed only for vibration detection, is now capable of communicating with multiple sensors, including vibration, strain (measuring force), high-precision power and analog.