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Out-of-the-Box Digital Tools

Will Voice Recognition Enable a Transformational HMI for Machine Tools? (See Video)

Peter Zelinski | Modern Machine Shop

A new digital assistant for machining brings voice control to various CNC types and voice-actuated access to machine-tool-related information. Given its promise to free shopfloor personnel to work more effectively, one machine tool builder sees it as a potentially game-changing development.

Out-of-the-Box Digital Tools Drive Workforce Efficiency

Digital tools like voice-activated controls and digital assistants are becoming part of our daily lives. In a machine shop, these tools ultimately can help solve skilled labor problems by allowing employees to work more effectively.

Imagine if the control interface for a CNC machine tool was not a panel full of buttons, but instead a headset addressing a digital assistant able to understand a machinist’s verbal commands. 


Hexagon's NCSIMUL 2021 Eases Detection of Rest Stock on Large Parts

Jedd Cole | Modern Machine Shop

The 2021 release of NCSIMUL digital twin software from Hexagon is said to improve CNC program quality through automatic predictive analysis.

Kit Helps Engineers Build Their Own IoT Apps

Julia Hider | Modern Machine Shop, Additive Manufacturing

Tulip has launched its Factory Kit, a quick-start solution for powering digital manufacturing.

Wire EDM Improves Operational Economy

Eastec 2019: Makino’s U6 H.E.A.T. (High Efficiency Advanced Technology) Extreme wire EDM features Athena voice command control capability and 0.016" diameter wire technology.