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Preventative Maintenance

Weep Not, Waterjet Machine. Predictive Maintenance is Here.

Brent Donaldson | Modern Machine Shop

The versatility of waterjet cutting is well known, but its reputation as a maintenance intensive technology holds it back. Predictive maintenance may change that. 

Preventative Maintenance turns machine tools’ inherent weaknesses in into assets through advances in sensors and software.

Unanticipated machine tool maintenance is one of the fastest ways for a machine shop to lose money. Unscheduled machine down time has a cascade of negative effects that reach every corner of the business, from inventory costs to lead times to overall throughput. The most extreme example of a maintenance-intensive machining process is waterjet cutting, which relies on the extreme pressurization of water through a series of soft seals and gaskets. Here’s how one company tackled the problem by installing a feedback indicator that shows the operator the remaining life these critical components.

This video from Bosch.IO provides an introduction on the benefits of data analytics and predictive maintenance in typical manufacturing operations.


Thermal Camera, Software Eases Preventive Maintenance

Jedd Cole | Modern Machine Shop

GTI Predictive’s ThermoPro package includes FLIR Systems’ thermal camera and the ThermoPro iPad app, enabling machine shops to use thermography to locate machinery problems as well as track thermal data over time for preventive maintenance.

Blum-Novotest's Digilog with LC-Vision Software Ensures Process Reliability

Jedd Cole | Modern Machine Shop

IMTS Spark: Blum-Novotest’s Digilog workpiece and tool measuring system speed measurement by recording thousands of measured values per second.

Mitutoyo ’s MiStar 555 Eliminates Need for Environmentally Controlled CMM Enclosure

Linneah Deighton

Mitutoyo’s MiStar 555 CNC shopfloor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) operates without compressed air and on conventional 120-V, 20-A electrical service with movement speeds of 606 mm/sec. and acceleration of 2,695 mm/sec.² (3D).