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Types of Five-Axis Machines

With so many ways to go about five-axis machining, how do know what is the best fit for your shop? Read on to find out.

Five-Axis Options and Add-Ons

Five-axis machining is complex and requires expertise and substantial investment, not only in the machine itself, but also in CAM and simulation software.

Five-Axis Programming and Controls

Commercial CAM systems and CNC software have evolved to make the application of 5-axis technology easier, safer, and more productive

Workholding Considerations for Five-Axis Machining

A five-axis machine has more flexibility in its movement to reach all surfaces, but it can only do so if the fixturing or workholding allows access.

Cutting Tools

Higher speeds and feeds can be accomplished with five-axis machining and cutting tools should meet that challenge.

Watch Now

We've rounded up a collection of informative five-action machining videos.