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Easy 5 Axis CNC Machining

This video briefly shows a 5-axis programming process using Autodesk’s Inventor HSM CAM software.

Makino Collision Safeguard

Real-time crash avoidance function

Avoid crash in complex 5-axis machining. Makino's Collision Safeguard function simulates program and calculates axis movements and positions milliseconds before execution. Machining is stopped immediately if a collision is detected.

Lean Your Machine

Multi Axis Top Tooling - HAAS TR160 

Jergens' modular system for 5-axis machining features a variety of riser sizes and styles to get your part off the table and allow unrestricted workpiece access. This system was built with rigidity in mind, and can hold parts with pull studs, 5-axis vises or dovetail clamps.

5-Axis Dovetail Workholding

This video shows a five-axis machining operation with a dovetail workholding solution called Get-A-Grip from AMT Innovations, Inc. The fixture lifts the part away from the table to provide better workpiece access and avoid collisions.