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Presented by Gardner Intelligence, an annual benchmarking program helps CNC machining businesses specifically evaluate and improve performance. "How does my business compare to other, similar businesses?” is the central question we set out to ask 10 years ago with our first Top Shops benchmarking survey. We’re still answering that question.

What is Top Shops?

Top Shops is a benchmarking and recognition program designed to help shops build their business. Data is collected across categories including operations, technology, business strategy, and human resources. Select measures are scored and summed to total scores that serve as the basis for honoring certain shops as Top Shops.

Take the 2021 Survey!

Take the 2021 Survey And Receive a FREE Custom Report

  • Custom reports compare your shop to others across the country and show you how your shop stacks up on key variables.
  • Top Shops custom reports serve not only as baseline ‘report cards,’ of sorts, they also provide data that aid the identification and prioritization of shops’ improvement efforts.
  • Both benchmarking standards and custom reports can be customized based on survey variables.
  • Variables commonly used in custom Top Shops analyses include number of employees, industry served, and number of parts produced.

The 2021 Top Shops Survey Is LIVE. Access it here. 

AMT President Doug Woods Talks Top Shops

"Everyone wants to be first, you want to be the most recognized - Top Shops does that for the Manufacturing Industry."

Top Shops Talk Top Shops

"In looking across the landscape of your business, you want to find metrics where you can evaluate how your operations compare and contrast to others."

Why Tops Shops is Critical to NTMA

"Being a Top Shop carries a lot of weight with the supply chain."

Get Your Shop Counted

Filling out the MMS Top Shops survey is an invaluable use of your time: See how your shop stacks up to your competition, reach for the honor of being a Top Shop, and receive a customized report to help move operations toward continuous improvement.

The 2021 Survey is LIVE
Take the Survey

Take a Sneak Peek

Take the Top Shops Benchmarking Survey and receive a custom report in return for your effort. Here's a glimpse at what that report looks like.

Valuable Shop Data - Customized
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Purchase the Top Shops Report

Want access to the data, but didn't fill out the 2019 survey? You have the option to purchase a Benchmarking Standards Report populated by a ‘statistically typical’ shop which is compared to the same benchmarks as a participating shop.

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