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What Differentiates the Upper Echelon?

Benchmarking Becomes a Call to Action

A means of measuring performance evolves into a tool for catalyzing change as Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops program matures.

“Year after year, survey responses reveal that the most successful machine shops understand the value of their people, and they invest accordingly.”

How to Succeed at Lights Out Machining - Findings From Top Shops

Differences in machine shops’ profit margins suggest the value of improvement methodology, unattended machining and machine tool monitoring, as well as the effective combination of all three of these.

Why Do Top Shops Use Tool Presetters?

Looking at the data from Gardner Intelligence’s Top Shops survey, we can see patterns that show why high-performing shops tend to use tool presetters.


Get Your Shop Counted

Filling out the MMS Top Shops survey is an invaluable use of your time: See how your shop stacks up to your competition, reach for the honor of being a Top Shop, and receive a customized report.

Take a Sneak Peek

Take the Top Shops Benchmarking Survey and receive a custom report in return for your effort. Here's a glimpse at what that report looks like.

Purchase the Top Shops Report

Want access to the data, but didn't fill out the 2019 survey? You have the option to purchase a Benchmarking Standards Report populated by a ‘statistically typical’ shop which is compared to the same benchmarks as a participating shop.