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Standardization Leans the Way to High-Mix Automation

Matt Danford | Modern Machine Shop

An increasingly digitalized, lean manufacturing process begins with a common selection of cutting tools and five-axis machining fixtures.  

When Machining Lights Out Leaves Nothing Out

Matt Danford | Modern Machine Shop

A Top Shops honors program winner strives to ensure every part crosses paths with a robot, cobot or pallet changer.

Adaptive Technology Opens CNC Shop Opportunities

Derek Korn | Modern Machine Shop

VR goggles integrated with a camera give a legally blind young woman 20/20 vision and the chance to be a machine shop’s second-shift quality control lead.

Top Shops Share Their Top Technology

Derek Korn | Modern Machine Shop

In this video taken at the 2019 Top Shops Conference, the year’s four Honors Program winners describe how they’ve each benefited from a new addition to their business.

An Alternative Method to Pay for New CNC Machines

Derek Korn | Modern Machine Shop

Financing might be a more attractive option to using conventional bank loans or cash on hand to purchase new CNC capital equipment as one industry expert explains.