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ERP Leads CNC Machine Shop to Adopt a Paperless Initiative

Derek Korn | Modern Machine Shop

Enterprise resource planning software is not only enabling Chapter 2 to better manage its range of capabilities, but also to help it go paperless.

“Since adding the ERP system, all job information is tracked in one place, and the shop can easily see the status of every job on the shop floor.  It also has eliminated a lot of paper use, as employees used to hand in a printed timecard at the end of the day where they listed what jobs they ran, how many parts were produced, run time and so on.”

“Passivation represents one of our company’s highest spends. We were also driving to our passivation as well as electropolishing vendors an hour away upwards of three times a day.”

Outside-In: Why This CNC Machine Shop is Adding Finishing Processes

Derek Korn | Modern Machine Shop

Since being announced as a Top Shop in 2014, Complexus Medical has steadily grown while bringing some previously outsourced processes in-house for lower manufacturing costs and faster lead times.

Keeping Good Habits Takes Constant Attention

Mark Albert

Living a culture of continuous improvement, relying on data and maintaining a strong machine lineup help this valve manufacturer stay fit.

“One of the concepts that we initiated from this training was a daily huddle meeting, so our team on the shop floor can identify problems as they crop up and discuss timely solutions. The key is catching things early and trying to fix them while they are still small.” 

“What Mr. Volk developed is a central shop management system with a single point of data entry for a process change, such as adding a new type of cutter. All associated information about the change is then automatically pushed to all other relevant applications.”

CNC Machine Shop Reaps Benefits of Hiring an IT Person

Derek Korn | Production Machining magazine

A database guru combined off-the-shelf technology with an elaborate proprietary shop management software to drive efficiency throughout all areas of a machine shop.