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2L is a manufacturer of Engraving Tools and Carbide Cutters. Our engraving tools and cutters are used by customers on a large variety of: table top machines and CNC machines. We also manufacture a comprehensive set of Workholding Systems and several Industrial Products. These are specifically designed to make work in your shop quicker and easier. Our product lines include: Engraving Tools and Engraving Cutters: • 2L engraving tools and cutters are made of the highest quality sub micro grade carbide in lengths of 2", 4.5", and 6.5: with diameters of 1/8", 11/64", 3/16" and 1/4". Our diamond tip engraving tools are especially suited for scratch/drag engraving glass and ceramic surfaces. We keep engraving cutters IN STOCK. • The Spring Loaded Engraving Tool makes complex engraving with your CNC or milling machine simple. Its' patented design engraves curved, uneven and flat surfaces without requiring the removal of the workpiece from your machine. • The Engraving 2L Software converts text in any font or size into standard g-code for programming cnc machines. It is an exceptional costs savings alternative for engraving logos, pictures and drawings and creating incremental serial numbers. Workholding and Fixturing: • 2L offers two complete vacuum workholding systems. The Electric Vacuum Vac-Vise System and the Venturi Vacuum Vac-Vise System. Each system saves you significant set-up time and can eliminate custom fixturing. • Our patent pending Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps securely hold a large variety and range of part sizes including small, thin, corners, or the oddest shaped workpieces. Industrial Products: • Variable Speed Oil Skimmers remove coolant contaminates from cnc machines, lathes, oil drums, tanks and part washers. They are compact in design and can fit inside a 55 gallon drum 2" bung hole. • No-Clog Air Exhaust Silencers quiet air exhausted from pneumatic air tools, industrial air guns, blow molds, air cylinders and other air/pneumatic systems by as much as 12 - 27 db.

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Conical Ballnose Engraving Tools for Standard and Reverse 3D Engraving Applications Are Now Available.

Conical Ballnose Engraving Tools for Standard and Reverse 3D Engraving Applications Are Now Available.

Conical Ballnose Engraving Tools for Standard and Reverse 3D Engraving Applications Are Now Available.

The Vac-Vise Workholding System can be used as a Vacuum Chuck or Pallet System simultaneously to hold a wide variety of workpiece shapes and sizes.

Conical Ballnose Engraving Tools for Standard and Reverse 3D Engraving Applications Are Now Available.

2L inc.'s Patented Spring Loaded Engraving Tool, for engraving flat, curved and uneven surfaces is now available with 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4" shanks for CNC machines which have limited distance between the spindle and the workpiece table. 2L has expanded its' Spring Loaded Engraving Tool product line to offer two additional size Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholders to meet the engraving requirements of operators using smaller CNC Engraving or Milling Machines.

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CAD/CAM Engraving Software
2L’s PRO 3 CAD/CAM engraving software creates G-code programs for producing 2D data matrix barcodes on three- and four-axis CNC milling machines and multi-axis lathes.

Micro-Sized Engraving Tools
Precision Micro-Profiler engraving tools from 2L are designed for engraving and machining operations as small as 0.002″ in diameter. The tools are available with a 1 / 8 ″ diameter shanks, 15- and 30-degree angles and tip widths ranging from 0.002″ to 0.005″. Other sizes and widths are available, says the company.

Replaceable Top Plate For Vacuum Chuck
The replaceable aluminum top plate for the modular 2L Vac-Vise vacuum chuck systems covers the surface of the vacuum chuck to allow drilling through and milling around the periphery of workpieces without damaging the surface of the vacuum chuck. The hole pattern of the top plate is identical to the vacuum chuck for

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