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Goeltenbodt - Manufacturer of Pre-Settable Tooling Systems

GWS High speed drilling spindles with internal coolant through feature up to 1200 PSI. Speeds of up to 8000 rpm, for GWS-Modular, Komet-ABS, Sandvik-Capto, ESX collet chucks and pendulum holders and others.

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Goeltenbodt - Manufacturer of Pre-Settable Tooling Systems

GWS Tool holders with internal coolant through feature up to 1200 PSI Tool holders for square shanks, cut-off tools, drills, ISO inserts and special.

Goeltenbodt - Manufacturer of Pre-Settable Tooling Systems

GWS Tool holders for square shanks 1/2" square/ 5/8" square/ 3/4" square, form tools (dovetails) according to VDI 3322 form A + C, cut-off systems and drill holders.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Göltenbodt Schwanog toolholder

Presettable, Quick-Change Tooling System for Swiss-Type Lathes
PMTS 2019: Göltenbodt, represented in the United States by Schwanog LLC, introduces its presettable, quick-changeable and coolant-fed tooling system for Swiss-type automatic lathes.

Goeltenbodt tool holder

Presettable Toolholders Increase Tool Life
IMTS 2018: Goltenbodt, represented by Schwanog LLC in the United States, displays its presettable and coolant-fed toolholders for Tornos MultiSwiss multiple-spindle automatic lathes.

Goeltenbodt's tooling system

Tooling System Speeds Change-Overs for Swiss-Type Lathes
IMTS 2018: Goeltenbodt’s pre-settable, quick-changeable and coolant-fed tooling system is designed for Swiss-type automatic lathes.

Toolholder Presettable in X, Y, Z for Multi-Spindle Swiss-Type Lathes
PMTS 2017: Göltenbodt has expanded its line of presettable, coolant-fed toolholders with the next generation of toolholders designed for Tornos MultiSwiss 6X4 and Star Swiss-type automatic lathes.

Internally Cooled and Fed Toolholders
This manufacturer of quick changeable and presettable tooling for multi-spindle screw machines has expanded its line of internally cooled and fed toolholders.

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