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MITEE-BITE PRODUCTS INC. The Workholding Specialists

Mitee-Bite Products Inc., founded in 1986 is located in a rural setting in the lakes and Mountain region of New Hampshire. We are the innovator of compact, low profile edge clamps which improves production in CNC machining centers. Our original cam action clamp was designed to improve the production process in a contract machine shop. Since that time many types of clamps have been added. These products are readily accepted because of the benefits they offer. Mitee-Bite Products Inc., is known world wide for the quality of our products and for the service it provides our customers. Vist our website for downloadable Cad Files and a distributor near you or call 603-539-4538 or 800-543-3580.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Mitee-Bite's Multifunctional X-Plate System Provides Versatility
Mitee-Bite’s X-Plate system is a modular fixturing platform for three-, four- and five-axis machining applications.

Mitee-Bite X-Plate

Modular Fixturing Offers 10 Configurations
Eastec 2019: The X-Plate system from Mitee-Bite Products is a versatile modular fixturing platform for three-, four- and five-axis applications.

Mitee-Bite Loc-Down system

System Simplifies Workholding for Grid Plates, Tombstones
IMTS 2018: The Mitee-Bite Loc-Down system is designed for quick and simple securing of parts from small to large in size. 

Mitee-Bite, Te-Co Acquire Raptor Workholding
The three companies will continue to operate individually, though with a shared distribution network.

modular fixture clamps

Modular Clamp System Reduces Tooling Interference
Mitee-Bite Products offers its fixture clamps in a modular system, including clamps, grips and stops designed to be fully adjustable while mounted on T-slot tables or the company’s aluminum T-Slot grid plate.

Quick-Change Receiver System Enables Precise Location
Mitee-Bite Products offers a quick-change mechanical receiver system for rapid change-over and precise location of small fixture pallets.

Mitee-Bite Expands Service Offerings
The company now provides more options for workholding solutions.

Mitee-Bite Expands Its Service Offerings
The company's service expansion turns to CAD layouts and designs.

Mitee-Bite VersaGrip Vise Jaws

Vise Jaws Enable Workholding Versatility
Mitee-Bite's VersaGrip vise jaw system clamps standard vise work as well as difficult applications that would normally require fixturing or machining soft jaws.

Mitee-Bite VersaGrip vise jaw system

Vise Jaw System Holds Irregular Workpieces
The VersaGrip vise jaw system from Mitee-Bite is designed to offer the versatility of clamping standard vise work as well as workpieces that would normally require fixturing or machining soft jaws.

Loc-Down system at Buffco Engineering

The “Headless Bolt” Fixturing Alternative
This fastener enables fast workpiece change-overs compared to conventional bolts and less cutter interference thanks to its compact design.

Mitee-Bite Loc-Down system

Headless Bolt Secures Aerospace Parts
Mitee-Bite’s Loc-Down system enables the quick attachment or removal of plates and workpieces from sub-plates.

Mori Seiki NHX4000 pre-bores a pilot hole

Cramming for Competitiveness
Low-profile clamps contribute to the high-density fixturing this shop needs to make the most of an equipment configuration that is increasingly renowned for reducing setups and keeping the spindle turning.

Mitee-Bite Loc-Jaw system

Loc-Jaw System for Fourth and Fifth Axis Machining
The Loc-Jaw system for fourth and fifth axis machining is said to require no material preparation.

A Different Approach to Tool-Break Detection
A standard feature on the CNC of this shop's workhorse machine helps improve confidence in unattended runs.

Mitee-Bite Loc-Jaw system

Clamping System for Four-, Five-Axis Machining
The Loc-Jaw system from Mitee-Bite is designed for use in four- and five-axis machining.

Two Systems for Multi-Axis Machining
Mitee-Bite introduces two workholding solutions for fourth- and fifth-axis machining: the Loc-Jaw System and Loc-Down.

Mitee-Bite manual actuator

Manual Actuators for Gripping ID of Blind Holes
Mitee-Bite’s manual actuator is designed for the ID gripping of blind holes and various other applications.

“Lean” CMM Workholding Features Quick Part Change
Designed to compliment intelligent CMMs, Mitee-Bite’s “lean” line of workholding products are designed to increase productivity by enabling one-handed part swaps.

Vise Jaw System Grips Oddly Shaped Parts
Mitee-Bite’s VersaGrip can clamp standard vise work as well as difficult parts that would normally require fixturing or machining soft-jaws.


Grind Nonferrous Materials On A Magnetic Chuck
Mitee-Bite’s VM100 vacuum system is primarily designed for grinding nonferrous materials on a magnetic chuck. The system, which can be used as a pallet changer, accepts a standard 14" × 12" vacuum pallet.

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Trade Names

ID Xpansion clamps
Loc-Down System
Loc-Jaw System
Multi-Power Vac