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MAXIEM 1530 with A Jet

MAXIEM 1530 Provides Waterjet Cutting Versatility and Value

OMAX Corporation's MAXIEM 1530 JetMachining Center with an A-Jet multi-axis cutting head brings versatility and value to job shops, fabricators, metal service centers and others that need a quick, efficient way to process parts from a wide range of workpiece materials and thicknesses.

Well suited for prototype development or full-scale production, the 1530 has a table size of 12' 2" x 5' 8" and is one of eight next-generation MAXIEM machines designed to deliver the best price-performance ratio in advanced abrasive waterjet technology.

A diamond-integrated MAXJET 5i Nozzle allows the machine to accurately cut parts of different shapes and sizes within a 10' x 5' 2" X-Y cutting travel area. A programmable Motorized Z-Axis with up to 12" of travel ensures the precise positioning of the nozzle for an overall boost in productivity and part quality.

The Intelli-TRAX linear drive system on the 1530 utilizes brushless servo motors, integrated servo drives and high precision linear encoders to provide constant and continuous feedback on the actual cutting head position. The drive system moves the nozzle in a fast, smooth manner along the X-Y axis, resulting in an accuracy of motion as tight as +/- 0.003".

The 1530’s all-in-one controller computer with a 23" screen uses a Windows operating system to run the company’s proprietary Intelli-MAX Software Suite that makes it easy for users to create quality parts faster and at a lower cost than if they were to use a competitive product. As the “brains” of the machine, the controller manages the nozzle movement and abrasive flow.

Intuitive control software within Intelli-MAX calculates the precision of the velocity of a tool path at over 1,000 points per inch, allowing for complete control over the motion of the abrasivejet and enabling rapid machining. Built-in programming tools and cutting models within the software automatically optimize the 1530’s tool paths when creating 2D and 3D parts, thus providing users with precise machine behavior predictability as to the cutting speeds, taper, jet lag and other abrasivejet factors for those tool paths.

As a function of the software, Intelli-VISOR SE System Monitoring comes standard with the 1530 so users can effectively monitor routine maintenance parameters such as the machine’s pump pressure and abrasive levels to help minimize downtime.

Available in 20, 30 and 40-horsepower options, the direct drive pump on the 1530 is engineered for optimal efficiency. It provides continuous 50,000-psi operation and delivers up to 85 percent of its electrical input power to the cutting nozzle. The pump features a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that regulates electricity input, reduces power consumption at startup as well as controls output flow rate and pressure. As a result, users benefit from more cutting power per kilowatt and faster cutting speeds than if they were to use a comparable-sized machine with an intensifier pump.

A wide variety of optional accessories are available for use with the 1530 so that it can accommodate a broad range of production requirements. Such options include an A-Jet multi-axis cutting head for 5-axis machining and taper compensation, Rapid Water Level Control for quiet, clean submerged cutting and a Collision Sensing Terrain Follower for working with uneven surfaces. These accessories can be paired with the machine at the time of purchase or installed at a later date based on need. 

Overall, abrasive waterjet technology is a great alternative to conventional machining operations. Not only do waterjet machines cut faster than traditional metalworking equipment, they apply a cold-cutting process that eliminates heat-affected zones so users never have to worry about their workpiece materials hardening or warping. Abrasive waterjet machines also leave behind smooth part edges that reduce the need for secondary machining. 

A Message from OMAX Corporation

Company Profile

Headquartered in Kent, Washington, OMAX Corporation designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced abrasive waterjet systems under the OMAX and MAXIEM brand names.

OMAX Corporation to Show World’s Most Precise Abrasive Waterjet at EASTEC

OMAX Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of abrasive waterjet systems, will be demonstrating its latest generation MicroMAX abrasive waterjet system, capable of a positioning accuracy of less than five microns.

OMAX Corporation Earns ISO 9001:2015 Certification

OMAX Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of abrasive waterjet systems, announced today that it has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.

OMAX Receives 2016 Tibbetts Award for Micro Abrasive Waterjet Technology

On January 10, OMAX Corporation was one of 37 companies to receive the prestigious Tibbetts Award at the White House.

New OMAX Dashboard Gives Customers the Ultimate in Service and Support

OMAX Corporation recently launched its new Digital Customer Dashboard.

OMAX MicroMAX Named Finalist for Prestigious R&D 100 Awards

The OMAX MicroMAX JetMachining Center has been named a finalist by R&D Magazine in the field of Mechanical/Materials for the magazine’s highly regarded 2016 R&D 100 Awards.

Truth in Waterjet

Through our ongoing investment in research and development, advanced manufacturing practices and proprietary technologies, we offer the most versatile and efficient abrasive waterjet technology on the market today.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Mike Ruppenthal and Steve Ulmer of Omax

Omax Promotes General Manager and VP of Sales
Omax now has a new general manager and vice president of sales. 

laser and waterjet products in a grid collage

March 2019 Product Spotlight: Laser and Waterjet
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on laser and waterjet fabrication technologies.

Omax to Become Subsidiary of Hypertherm
Hypertherm does not plan to make significant changes to Omax’s operations, management structure or distribution channels.

Omax ProtoMax

Small Waterjet Operates Quietly in Machine Shop Support Role
Eastec 2019: Omax will present the ProtoMax designed to cut through nearly any material, including aluminum, titanium, stone, carbon fiber and G10 composite.

Omax GlobalMax 10 horsepower waterjet pump

10-hp Waterjet Pump Delivers 30,000 psi for Cutting
Omax has expanded its GlobalMax pump series with a 10-hp version for its GlobalMax JetMachining waterjet machines. 

Omax ProtoMax

Omax Emphases How Waterjet Complements Machining
Abrasive waterjet cutting specialist Omax Corp. is featuring its latest advancements, designed to meet a variety of manufacturing and educational needs, including live demonstrations in its booth and in the Smartforce Student Summit.

Demonstration of Protomax personal waterjet machine

Omax Celebrates Anniversary, New Products at Open House
The manufacturer of waterjet cutting solutions marked its 25 years in business with demonstrations of its products, including new additions that have enabled the company to expand its reach.

Omax ProtoMax waterjet system

Waterjet System Designed for Prototyping, Personal Use
IMTS 2018: Omax’s ProtoMax personal abrasive waterjet system is a self-installed cutting system for prototyping and low-volume cutting of material 1" thick.

Laser and waterjet products

March 2018 Product Spotlight: Laser and Waterjet
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on laser equipment and waterjet machinery.

Omax’s ProtoMax abrasive waterjet

Compact Abrasive Waterjet Cuts Most Inch-Thick Materials
Omax’s ProtoMax abrasive waterjet is a compact, self-installed cutting system for prototyping and low-volume cutting of almost any material around 1" thick.

Omax Protomax personal abrasive waterjet

The Personal Waterjet Cutting System Is a Natural Development
Much like what is happening with desktop 3D printing, Omax has developed a way to bring the versatility, capability and simplicity of waterjet cutting to a broader spectrum of users.

Abrasive waterjet

Abrasive Waterjets Cut Range of Materials
Fabtech 2017: Omax will showcase its integrated, easy-to-program and easy-to-operate GlobalMax abrasive waterjets capable of cutting a range of materials.

photos from westec 2017

What We Learned at Westec 2017
Westec offered a useful mix of emerging technology and practical applications. This slide show reflects this mix in its eclectic coverage of what exhibitors had to offer.

Omax 80X JetMachining Center

Waterjets Cut Thick Material Without Heat
Westec 2017: Omax will showcase its 80X JetMachining Center with a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head.

Omax MicroMax

Abrasive Waterjet Achieves High Positioning Accuracy
Eastec 2017: Omax’s MicroMax abrasive waterjet system offers positioning accuracy of less than 5 microns and is now equipped with a Tilt-a-Jet cutting head to achieve virtually zero taper.

Omax MicroMax abrasive waterjet

A Waterjet Machining Center that Fits
At first, abrasive waterjet machines were naturally at home in the fabricating shop. Today, certain models resemble a typical, fully enclosed CNC machine and they fit well in a machining job shop setting.

Omax dashboard

Omax Launches Online Tool for e-Commerce, e-Learning
The Digital Customer Dashboard is intended to streamline the customer service and parts-purchasing process.

Omax 80X JetMachining Center

Waterjet Handles Metals, Composites, Non-Tempered Glass
Omax will display its 80X JetMachining Center, designed to quickly and accurately cut a range of materials and thicknesses for large-scale components and multi-part projects.

ASME fellowship award Omax

Omax Engineer Receives Fellowship from American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Darren L. Stang received the fellowship award for his leadership in the area of high-pressure technology in ASME’s Pressure Vessel and Piping (PVP) Division.

Omax Adds Two Eastern U.S. Distributors
Mid Atlantic Machinery and Southern States Machinery will sell and support Omax’s waterjet machines to the Mid and South Atlantic regions.

Omax Appoints Vice President, Marketing
Stephen Bruner brings nearly 20 years of B2B marketing experience.

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A-Jet® Cutting Head
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OMAX® JetMachining® Center
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