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Oil Skimmers for Hydroelectric Power Plants
The Oil Grabber Model 8 oil skimmer from Abanaki is designed to remove oil from sumps in hydroelectric plants.

Oil-Skimming Sourcebook
The second edition of Abanaki Corporation’s Solutions sourcebook of oil-skimming products is now available.

Skimmer Manufacturer Contributes to Gulf Cleanup
Abanaki Corporation (Cleveland, Ohio) says its patent-pending Fuzzy2 oil skimmer material has exceeded expectations during oil spill cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fuzzy2 oil skimmer

Removing Unwanted Oil—in Coolant or in the Gulf
Abanaki’s Fuzzy2 material is being put to work off the coast of Louisiana on a disk skimmer cleaning up oil from the Gulf oil spill.


Compact Disk Skimmer Features Boomerang Wiper Blades
Abanaki’s compact, disk-type oil skimmer is designed for removing unwanted tramp oils from coolants and parts washers. The skimmer features a 1/2" × 12" plastic disk and a 110-V, fan-cooled gear motor.


Oil Skimmer For Tight Spaces
The EconoMini oil skimmer from Abanaki Corporation is designed fit in small spaces such parts-washer tanks and coolant sumps. Weighing in at 6 lbs and measuring approximately 4" × 3" × 4", the product can even skim oil through the 2" opening of a 55-gallon drum, the company says.

Webinar Presents Oil-Skimming Basics
Abanaki Corporation offers “Oil Skimming 102,” an online video tutorial about selecting the right oil-skimming product. The tutorial presentation is adapted from the company’s “Oil Skimming Facts Tutorial Handbook.


Skim Oil From Enclosed Machining Centers
Abanaki Corporation’s Tubetastic low-profile oil skimmer has been redesigned for easier maintenance and lower maintenance costs, the company says. The 6-lb oil skimmer is said to easily mount to the side of virtually any machining center coolant sump.

Oil Skimmer Handles Tight Places
Abanaki Corporation has added the EconoMini oil skimmer to its line of oil removal equipment.   The EconoMini is compact at approximately 4" x 3" x 4" and weighs in at 6 lbs. The company says that this skimmer is good for use in tight spaces, such as on parts-washer tanks and coolant sumps. It can even be used to

Gary Ott

Coolant Refresher Helps Precision Machine Shop Reduce Cleanup Costs And Enhance
For this Cleveland-based shop, proper disposal of their coolant was proving to be an even bigger issue than shortened coolant life.

Oil Skimmer Provides A Smoke-Free Environment And Extends Coolant Life
When Tom Zovko, owner of Z and Z Manufacturing, a producer of hydraulic fittings and special screw machine products, couldn't see across his 15,000 square-foot machine shop, he knew he had a problem.

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Abanaki Aerators
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