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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

high speed air spindle

Retrofit Enables High Speed Machining of Carbon Fiber
With the help of an air turbine spindle from Air Turbine Tools, Flying S was able to turn a small end mill at the speeds necessary to cut a bonded carbon fiber part for a UAV.

High Speed, Air-Driven Spindle Technology in Action

High Speed, Air-Driven Spindle Technology in Action
This series of brief videos highlight the versatility of high speed, air-driven spindles.

High Speed Air Spindle Example 1: CNC Tool Steel Machining
In this video, a hardened tool steel tire mold is milled by an air-driven high speed spindle from Air Turbine Tools.

High Speed Air Spindle Example 3: Robotic Deburring
Using an air spindle, this Fanuc robot is able to deburr castings with irregular flash.

High Speed Air Spindle Example 4: Hand Deburring
Just a light touch is required using this device as its high speed does the cutting. Combined with low vibration and weight, this reduces the risk of stress injuries to operators.

guitar body machined on a CNC

CNC Machining Fuels Guitar Innovations
Could Ron Thorn produce a gorgeous electric guitar completely by hand? Sure. Would he now that he has a “metalworking” CNC machine tool? Probably not.

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