Apex Supply Chain Technologies

4393 Digital Way
Mason , OH 45040 US


As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Apex Supply Chain Technologies Actylus 8100 8200

Smart Bins Enable Remote Monitoring, Replenishment Automation
Apex Supply Chain Technologies’ Actylus 8100 and 8200 smart bin systems enable replenishment automation for assembly and compact manufacturing cells so that bin supplies do not run out.

Apex Axcess locker

Inventory Systems Boost Lean Manufacturing Efforts
Computerized, point-of-use storage and dispensing systems help this shop target waste that is difficult to measure and often labor-intensive to eliminate.

Product Categories of Apex Supply Chain Technologies

Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems
Tool Crib Control Software
Tool Storage & Handling Systems

Trade Names

Edge 5000
Edge Autostore
Tool Ninja