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Honing On A Horizontal Machining Center
A specially designed tooling package for honing operations, along with live, on-board gaging, allows critical honing operations to move to HMCs, thereby eliminating several separate steps on multiple dedicated machines. 

Stationary honing tool

Unattended Honing On A Vertical Chucker
An air-gage-monitored honing system added to an inverted vertical spindle chucking lathe allows unattended turning, boring and honing on one machine for greater process flexibility.

Product Categories of PSS Abrasives & Tool Divison

Abrasive Compounds & Slurries
Burnishing, Honing & Lapping Tools
Diamond Tools
Gages, Digital
Gear Honing Machines
Grinding Machines, Creep Feed
Grinding Machines, Cylindrical OD
Grinding Machines, Profile
Grinding Machines, Surface, Rotary Table
Grinding Machines, Tool, Cutter & Drill Point
Grinding Machines, Universal (ID/OD)
Grinding Wheels & Belts
Honing & Lapping Tools
Honing Machines, Horizontal Spindle
Honing Machines, Multiple Spindles
Honing Machines, Vertical Spindle
Lapping Machines, Flat Surface/Special Purpose
Superabrasive Machining Systems

Trade Names

Barnes Hone
Bates Technologies