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Welding gun

Welding Guns Are Easy to Maintain, Modify
Fabtech 2017: Bernard and Tregaskiss will showcase its welding guns and consumables with live welding demonstrations of Bernard semi-automatic and Tregaskiss robotic MIG guns.

Bernard Tregaskiss MIG

Reamer Incorporates Ethernet Connectivity
Bernard and Tregaskiss will exhibit together, offering their MIG welding guns, consumables and peripherals, including the Tough Gun TT3E reamer and stand.

Tregaskiss Bernard BTB Tough Gun CA3

MIG Guns, Welding Fume Extraction Guns Showcased
Bernard and Tregaskiss will share a booth at Fabtech 2015, displaying a variety of semi-automatic MIG guns, fume extraction guns, and welding peripherals and consumables.

Bernard BTB platform guns

Custom MIG Gun Line Combines Legacy Features
Bernard’s Best of the Best (BTB) platform gun line enables user to build a custom MIG gun by choosing from an expanded list of features from former Bernard Q-Gun, S-Gun and T-Gun products.

Bernard MIG gun configurator

Online MIG Gun Configurators Enable Customization
Bernard will showcase its online MIG gun configurators which enable users to customize orders of the company’s four styles of curved and straight-handled semi-automatic MIG guns.

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Best of the Best (BTB) Platform Gun
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