Xometry Pay Streamlines Payment For Custom Jobs

By: Evan Doran -

Xometry Pay streamlines the payment process for small- and medium-sized manufacturers scheduling custom jobs through Xometry.

"Soft" Automation is Long Overdue

By: Matt Danford - Modern Machine Shop

Digitalizing and systemizing the clerical work of quoting and quality control is more achievable and more urgent than ever.   

Xometry Launches Program for Helping Small Shops Handle Upfront Job Expenses

By: Jedd Cole - Modern Machine Shop

The Xometry Advance Card gives members access to 30% of the job’s value for upfront expenses such as materials and tooling. 

Does Asia's Low-Cost Manufacturing Option Still Make Sense?

By: Brent Donaldson - Modern Machine Shop

As U.S.-based companies try to stay ahead of COVID-19, global supply chains are under renewed scrutiny. Are uncertainties and delays caused by global crises worth the short-term cost savings?

Acquisition of Shift Brings Xometry's Network to 12 More Countries

By: Jedd Cole - Modern Machine Shop

Shift, now Xometry Europe, is described as the largest on-demand manufacturing platform in Europe. 

5 Benefits of Sourcing CNC Machining Work Online

By: Matt Danford - Modern Machine Shop

Machine learning saves time, makes pricing fairer, inspires improvement initiatives, and even insulates manufacturing businesses against economic shocks.

Industry News of Note: June 2019

By: Jedd Cole - Modern Machine Shop

This month: Hexagon breaks ground in Detroit, Xometry lets users search and buy Mitsubishi cutting tools, Gosiger lays plans for 2019 exhibition, and other industry news. 

Xometry Enters National Distribution Agreement with Mitsubishi Materials

By: Linneah Deighton -

Xometry Supplies will now allow users to choose from the full lineup of DiaEdge and Moldino cutting tools after partnering with Mitsubishi Materials. 

Xometry Receives ISO9001 and AS9100D Quality Certifications

By: Jedd Cole - Modern Machine Shop

As part of the certification process, Xometry engaged in a thorough audit of its business processes and quality management system.

Xometry Launches E-Commerce Website for Tools, Supplies

Xometry has announced the launch of Xometry Supplies, expanding its digital marketplace with a website designed to provide the company’s partners with materials, tools and supplies when they accept jobs.