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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Dimensional data from the CMMs

Improving Inspection Throughput And Reducing Scrap With CMMs
In the past, this company used primarily conventional machining techniques to manufacture parts and traditional variable gaging such as micrometers, height gages and comparators, as well as attribute gages such as plug gages and function go/no-go gages to inspect dimensional features.

Coordinate measuring machine

Integrating CMMs With Shopfloor Operations
A CMM on the shop floor combines the speed and flexibility of a CMM with the immediacy of shopfloor measurement.

CAD-based reports

Good Parts, Good Measurements
A machine tool must be capable of generating both, says a software company with a new vision for the role of metrology data in the emerging era of globally integrated manufacturing enterprises.

HTML reporting tools

Opening Up Metrology
The current state of metrology equipment mimics the disparity of spoken languages. Proprietary operating systems, available on metrology equipment from CMMs to hand-held electronic gages, are unique to the manufacturer. Getting data from one measurement operating system into another requires translation and interpretation of the data. In many cases, just like language, some design intent and nuances of the data can get lost in translation.

4-foot GAGE 2000 for measuring

Shop Floor Metrology On The Move
Portable arm coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer advantages beyond portability.

shopfloor CMC

Put Coordinate Metrology On The Shop Floor
Integrating CMMs with the machining process employs the power of accurate dimensional data to provide true process control.

Dan Hogge functions as the shop control systems manager

Connecting With Customers
When Danny Hogge installed his first computer-based shop control system several years ago, he hardly imagined he'd soon be giving customers direct access to it via the Internet. As it turned out, it wasn't such a big leap after all, just a few logical steps down the road to where PC-based information technology is taking all businesses, and the metalworking business in particular.


No Experience Necessary
This shop assembled standard machine tools and components into a process for flexible production of a series of complex hydraulic cylinder components - all machined from solid, all accurate in some dimensions to +/-0.025 mm - in quantities that can exceed 3,000 per day, using only two operators per shift to shepherd this production from bar stock to shipping container.

Brown&Sharpe Clarifies And Redefines Its Image As A Metrology Supplier
Brown & Sharpe Clarifies And Redefines Its Image As A Metrology Supplier.

12-Station Rotary Transfer

Why Not Change What You're Doing?
This Canadian screw machine shop built early success with automatic and mechanical multispindles. Introduction of rotary transfer technology has accelerated growth and helped solve other production problems. Here's why they made the move and how it has impacted their shop.

Adaptable Chameleon Fits Shop Floor Needs
A precise definition of workpiece dimensions is critical for process control applications. The more data available, the better the process can be adjusted to keep manufactured parts within tolerance.  

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