About Bucci Industries USA

Bucci Industries is the distinctive trademark of the Bucci family and since 1945 it has been synonymous with entrepreneurship, industrial know-how and financial experience in the development and management of a world-class group.


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Becoming a Second Source for Ventilator Parts

Demand for ventilator parts stretched this shop’s supply chain. Here is what it took to rapidly insource production.

From Aggravation to Lights-Out Production

Peter Zelinski Modern Machine Shop

Automated machining has transformed this South Carolina shop. However, achieving unattended production involved far more than just shutting off the lights.

Bar Feeder for Swiss Lathes

The Elite 220 bar feeder for Swiss-type lathes features two barstock magazine types with basic bar feeder configuration: a standard linear/gravity magazine for barstock ranging from 0.25" to 0.787" and a “walking beam” type for barstock ranging from 0.080" to 0.25".

High-Volume Alternative To Machining Centers

Peter Zelinski Modern Machine Shop

Transfer machines that are flexible rather than dedicated can run large quantities without dedicating labor or floorspace. (Includes video.)

Bucci Industries USA

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Trade Names offered by Bucci Industries USA

  • ALGRA Live Tools
  • Giuliani
  • Sinteco