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Carmex's Mini Spiral Mill-Thread Tool Reduces Chatter
The Mini Spiral Mill-Thread series from Carmex Precision Tools is now available in inch sizes as well as metric.

Carmex Precision’s Slim MT inserts.

Carmex’s Slim MT Mill-Thread Inserts Optimized for Deep-Hole Threading
Carmex Precision’s Slim MT inserts and toolholders feature multiple straight flutes that are designed for machining longer threads in small to large hole diameters.

New diamond turning inserts.

Carmex's Diamond Turning Inserts Handle Difficult Alloys and Composites
Carmex Precision Tools introduces diamond turning inserts that are designed to enable users to machine hard materials faster than grinding or ceramics.

Carmex’s X-treme Jet toolholder

External Threading Toolholder Directs Coolant to the Cutting Edge
Designed for more effective coolant flow and improved chip control, Carmex’s new X-treme Jet external thread turning toolholder provides two connecting options via an elbow fitting and top clamp.

Carmex Multi-Function Milling Tool

Multi-Function Tool Reduces Inventory, Setup time
IMTS 2018: Carmex Precision Tools’ Multi-Function Milling Tool (MMT) is useful for applications including spotting and drilling, side milling, chamfering, slotting, grooving, and engraving.

Carmex Mini Tools Family Toolholders and Inserts

Toolholders, Inserts Facilitate Long-Reach Applications
Carmex Precision Tools LLC has added two products to its Mini Tools family: carbide shank toolholders and vertical inserts.

More Flutes Give Thread Mill Greater Performance
Constructed of MT8 carbide with Carmex’s BLU coating, the FMT thread mill is designed to deliver accurate thread geometry and surface quality in shorter cycle times.

Carmex MT tool

Multi-Function Tool Drills, Chamfers, Thread Mills Holes
The MT drill from Carmex is designed to drill, chamfer and thread mill a hole in a single operation.

Carmex boring bar

Boring Bar Available with Multiple Threading Adapters
Designed for internal threading and grooving applications, the Carmex Modular line uses a single boring bar that can be fitted with multiple adapters for accuracy, easy adjustment and repeatability.

Carmex Mini Tool

Six-Edge Turning Inserts Designed for Small-Diameter Applications
Westec 2017: Carmex presents new products in its Swiss-Line, Tiny Tools and Mini Tools series, including the G6 six-edge turning insert.

Inserts, Holder for Swiss-Style Applications Lengthen Tool Life, Increase Productivity
Carmex Precision Tools has released Swiss-Line, the latest addition to its family of tooling for Swiss-style applications.

Swiss-Type Machining Tools for High Production Applications
PMTS 2017: Recent additions to the line include the new six cutting edge (G6) turning insert for grooving, parting-off, and threading and polygon inserts and toolholders for external turning, grooving, parting and threading.

Carmex groove milling

Groove Milling Tool’s Large Flutes Speed Chip Evacuation
Designed for versatility, improved finish and longer tool life, Carmex’s additions to its groove milling line feature six flutes made of MT8-grade carbide with advanced PVD triple coating for high heat and wear resistance in high-performance and normal operations.

Carmex Mini Tools

Multifunction Tool Line Available in Inch Dimensions
Originally introduced in metric configurations, Carmex’s Mini Tools line is now available in standard inch dimensions.

Carmex Tiny Tool CMR

Multitasking Tool Eliminates Need for Pilot Holes
The CMR multitasking tool, part of the Carmex Tiny Tool line, enables users to bore, turn, face and chamfer with a single tool.

Carmex CMT vertical milling inserts

Vertical Milling Inserts Handle Internal, External Threading Operations
Carmexʼs expanded CMT line of vertical milling inserts delivers longer tool life, higher material removal, good surface finish, reduced cycle times, and lower cutting forces in steel materials as hard as 62 HRc.

Line of Tooling for Swiss-Type Machining Resists Wear
Carmex’s line of tooling for Swiss-type and automatic lathes includes tools for thread turning and chamfering, finishing, parting, grooving and deep grooving, and special geometries.

Carmex CMT End Mills

End Mill Design Offers Heat Resistance
Carmexʼs CMT line of end mills is designed to lengthen tool life, increase material removal, improve surface finish, reduce cycle times and lower cutting forces in materials as hard as 62 HRc.

Carmex square shank holder

Square Shank Holders Increase Tool-Location Accuracy
Carmex’s square shank holders provide through-coolant capability and are designed for use with the company’s 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-mm diameter Tiny Tools.

Carmex Acme internal threading tools

Internal Threading Tool for Small Acme Threads
A new line of Acme internal threading tools from Carmex features the company’s BLU sub-micron grade carbide with PVD triple coating.

Carmex 2013 catalog

Thread Milling Information Offered
Carmex Precision’s 2013 catalog is designed to be an introduction to thread cutting as well as a product selection tool.

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