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About Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

Carr Lane Manufacturing is proud to manufacture & sell American-made fixture components, with most of our fixture fabrication completed at two American plants located in St. Louis, MO, and Austin, TX.


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Carr Lane's Hoist Eye 360 Rotates Fully When Pulling at Any Angle

Jedd Cole Modern Machine Shop

Carr Lane’s Hoist Eye 360 is a forged lifting eye that can be rotated 360 degrees after installation in order to align with the pulling direction.

Carr Lock System Enables Simultaneous Locating and Clamping

Westec 2019: Carr Lane’s Carr Lock System enables simultaneous locating and clamping for mounting quick-change tooling on a subplate.

Locating Screws, Jig Pins Offer All-in-One Assemblies

Eastec 2019: Captive locating screws and captive jig pins from Carr Lane Mfg. Corp. are quick-acting, all-in-one assemblies designed to keep all tooling right at hand.

Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

4200 Carr Lane Ct.
PO Box 191970
St. Louis, MO 63119 US

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Trade Names offered by Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

  • Carr Lock®
  • CL5®
  • Jig and Fixture Handbook
  • Modular Fixturing Handbook
  • Tool Designer's Assistant