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Castrol Performance - Metalworking Fluid Technology

Hysol MB 10 is a semi-synthetic coolant recommended for light to medium-duty machining and grinding of ferrous and aluminum alloys.  Castrol Hysol MB 10 is a cost-effective coolant designed for applications that require trouble-free performance on a wide variety of metals, long fluid life and low maintenance.

  • Excellent Sump life
  • Low Foam

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Castrol Industrial…shaping technology Castrol Industrial, part of the Business Marketing unit within BP Group’s Refining & Marketing division, is a leading global player in its own right, supplying the equipment manufacturing and industrial maintenance industries with a unique and diverse range of essential products and technical support services.

<p><b><span style="font-size: medium">Castrol Performance -&nbsp;Metalworking Fluid Technology</span></b></p>

Alusol AU 58 is recommended for machining and grinding of all grades of aluminum, ferrous alloys and aerospace alloys such as Titanium and Inconnel.

<p><b><span style="font-size: medium">Castrol Performance -&nbsp;Metalworking Fluid Technology</span></b></p>

Hysol MB 50 utilizes chlorine-free and sulfur-free technology combined with an excellent bio-package for customers requiring a heavy-duty product that provides excellent sump life and bio-stability.

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