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CGW semi-flex discs

Semi-Flex Discs Provide Increased Control
Camel Grinding Wheels (CGW) offers rigid, semi-flex discs for aggressive grinding applications.

Diamond Wheels Offer Durability
CGW’s diamond wheels are designed to last longer than traditional bonded abrasives, which decreases production times and lowers grinding and cutting cost ratios.


Ceramic Flap Discs For Hard-to-Grind, Heat-Sensitive Materials
CGW’s C3 ceramic flap discs are made from an aggressive, self-sharpening ceramic grain and a cooling grinding aid to increase disc life on hard-to-grind, heat sensitive materials, the company says. The discs provide contaminate-free results in stainless steel applications and can also be used on steel and titanium.

Cut/Grind Combo Wheels Reduce Production Time, Costs
CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has expanded its high-performance Super Quickie-Cut line with the introduction of 0. 075" cut/grind combo wheels. Using the wheel for both cutting and grinding can reduce production time and cost.

Hand Grinder Wheels Reduce Operator Fatigue
The FGF and FGF-Special wheels from Camel Grinding Wheels are flexible-depressed center wheels designed for grinding and finishing operations. The 0.125"-thick wheels have a waffle-style pattern on their face that the company says allows cooler grinding and longer working life. They are designed to absorb workpiece

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