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For more information, please visit www.cimatrontech.com.

About Cimatron

With over 28 years of experience and more than 40,000 installations worldwide, Cimatron is a leading provider of integrated, CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

trunnion five-axis machine interior

One Five-Axis Process, 10 Elements of Automation
The new five-axis machine at Phoenix Proto has a pallet pool with loading system, but there are many other less obvious elements of automation in this precision mold-machining process that are just as essential.

June 2013 of Modern Machine Shop

High Speed Leads to Lights-Out
This mold maker has become more competitive by establishing a high speed machining process that is predictable enough to confidently run lights-out.

Mold Shop Cures the “Curse of Knowledge”
How do you transfer knowledge from skilled employees to apprentices? Here’s how one shop did it using a Facebook-like sharing system.

CNC control postprocessor

Software Streamlines Model-to-Mold Production
At Marland Mold, CimatronE CAM software’s modeling tools, postprocessors and other features streamline manufacturing operations from initial design to finished part.


Last Glance at IMTS 2010
It would be impossible to cover all of the key exhibitors at IMTS 2010—even if every booth got merely a quick glance. However, the editors of MMS did get glimpses of some interesting technologies exhibited at the show...

3+2 machining center

The Progress of a Progressive Die Maker
This shop sees no long-term threat in the reality of lower prices. Machine tool investments related to various die components allow the shop to use skilled labor more efficiently.

injection molding

Integrating Design, Manufacturing Processes
Lack of associativity between this shop’s design and manufacturing software packages led to extra work and a high risk of introducing errors into the process. To address these challenges, the mold manufacturer implemented an end-to-end CAD/CAM package from Cimatron that ensured a seamless workflow and eliminated time-consuming manual operations. 

Specific design

3D Designs Lend Process Transparency, Improved Communication
This shop wanted to use a CAD system to replace its 2D pencil-and-paper designs. CimatronE software helped the shop streamline its design process while saving valuable machining time on the shop floor.

From Mold Making To Mold Manufacturing
Pro Mold had to change its entire shop culture to make the move to “net machining.” The experience made the company stronger.

Paperless toolroom

Software Standardization Simplfies Electrode Design
To remain competitive, this manufacturer has had to adapt to changes in the demands of its customers, including leadtime reduction. This software has enabled the company to design and build molds more efficiently. Prior to standardizing on the software, the company used disparate applications for each department.

Milling with cutting tools that measure 0.1 mm

CAD/CAM Considerations For Micromilling
Milling with tools that are smaller than 100 microns in diameter presents equipment design and toolpath-generation challenges. This NC software maker offers strategies for creating safe, optimized tool paths for micromilling.

Partially assembled die

Software Streamlines Tool And Die Shop's Operations
Since 1980, this company has grown from a 3,800-square-foot building to housing 400,000 square feet and 260 skilled employees in three separate buildings.


Mold Machining And Beyond
Adopting high speed machining entailed some surprises. One of the surprises was an unforeseen opportunity for new work.

Feed rate optimization

Getting To Know Knowledge-Based Machining
The term refers to different levels of automation that CAM software developers are building into their NC programming software.

QuickConcept Quote

Moldmaker Re-Engineers Tooling Process
Mold and die manufacturer LS Mold (Holland, Michigan) was looking to generate business growth by re-engineering its approach to tooling to secure a strategic advantage over its competition.

mold design for a vacuum cleaner motor housing

Sparking Better Designs
By automating repetitive splitting and electrode-design work, an Ohio mold and die shop spurs creativity and expands EDM applications.

Phil Morganroth

Software Package Helps Cut Up To 50 Percent Off Tooling Delivery
Speed. For production companies, this simple word can mean the difference between keeping customers--and losing them.

Quickly develop the geometry

Automating EDM Electrode Design For Mold Making
Many EDM electrode design steps are being automated, making electrode production faster and easier. Developments promise to streamline situations where EDMing is unavoidable, as well as make EDM attractive as the most efficient machining process in many cases where complex mold shapes are involved.


Tool Path Strategies For High Speed Machining
CAD/CAM features can be key to realizing effective High Speed Machining.

Automated NC Programming Moves To New Dimension
CAM developers are now building much more intelligence into their systems to analyze 3D geometry and then generate appropriate machining routines for the work at hand.

Product Categories of 3D Systems

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
Job Estimating Software
Software, CAD/CAM
Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
Software, NC Program Optimization
Software, NC Verification
Software, Nesting
Software, Other Manufacturing
Software, Post Processors, Stand-Alone (Sold Independent of CAM System)
Software, Tool Design
Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software

Trade Names

Cimatron Moldex3d
CimatronE WireEDM
CimatronE 5 Axis Production
CimatronE Designer
CimatronE DieDesign
CimatronE EDM Setup
CimatronE Electrode
CimatronE Lathe
CimatronE Master
CimatronE MicroMilling
CimatronE MoldDesign
CimatronE NC
CimatronE ReEng Advanced
CimatronE ShoeExpress
CimatronE Viewer