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Tracer Minibar Bar Feeder Serves Swiss-Type Lathes Running Barstock Under 13 mm

Tracer Minibar Bar Feeder Serves Swiss-Type Lathes Running Barstock Under 13 mm
The Tracer Minibar, a hydrodynamic magazine bar feeder from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies, is engineered to feed barstock diameters ranging from 0.8 to 12 mm in diameter and up to 12 ft. in length. 

Tracer Bar Feeder Holds Barstock as Long as 12 Ft.

Tracer Bar Feeder Holds Barstock as Long as 12 Ft.
The large-capacity Tracer 65V/80V hydrodynamic-magazine bar feeder from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies can accommodate bars up to 12 ft. long.

CNC Indexing Feeding Technologies Autoload

Gantry Loading System Can Quickly Load Twin-Spindle Lathes
CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies’ lineup of Autoload gantry loading systems is designed to automate parts loading for new and existing CNC lathes.

CNC Indexing Acquires MTA International
The two companies have pooled resources to better serve customers.

Ganro HR-3030

Rotary Table Offers a Larger Table Top
The Ganro HR-3030 rotary table available from CNC Indexing offers a table-top dimension of 3,000 mm (118.11"), a table-swing diameter of 3,905 mm (153.75") and a maximum workload capacity of 50,000 kg (110,230 lbs).

CNC Indexing & Feeding tilt rotary tables

Rotary Table Line Features Range of Models
Tilt rotary tables are designed for four- and five-axis machining applications.

Manual Horizontal Index Table
Distributed by CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies, Ganro Industrial Corporation’s GCT series manual horizontal index table adds indexing capability to a horizontal boring mill.

CNC Indexing and Feeding

Rotary Table Enables Fourth-Axis Productivity
CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies says its GSI CNC-201R rotary indexing table is designed for companies that want to add fourth-axis productivity at minimal cost. According to the company, the table provides high clamping torque and indexing accuracy.

Tilt/Rotary Table For 5-Axis Machining
CNC Indexing Technologies says its GSI CNCT-321 tilt/rotary table is designed for adding fourth- and fifth-axis productivity at minimal cost. The table allows users to machine as many as to five sides of a part while minimizing second and third operations and setups. The table has a 12.

Rotary Indexing Table Uses Direct-Drive Motor To Eliminate Backlash
The GSI DNC-400 direct-drive rotary indexing table is suited for high-volume and aerospace manufacturers performing high speed, high-accuracy contouring operations. Compared to tables using a servomotor and worm gear, this direct-drive table offers higher accuracy, faster rotational speeds and higher torque, the co

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