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Desktop Metal P-1 Promises SPJ Process Development Solution

Desktop Metal P-1 Promises SPJ Process Development Solution
Desktop Metal’s new P-1 printer provides a smaller-scale Single Pass Jetting printer that better facilitates prototyping than the full P-50.

3D-printed workholding

A Methodical Strategy to Bring Additive Manufacturing into Sheet Metal Fabrication
When Wilson Tool International launched its additive manufacturing division in 2018, it had already proven 3D printing’s value through dozens of printed parts for its own line of equipment. Demonstrating that value to customers required a new, highly focused approach.

Desktop Metal to Become Publicly Listed Company

Desktop Metal to Become Publicly Listed Company
Desktop Metal hopes that by becoming a publicly listed company, it can accelerate its growth trajectory and capitalize on support for reshoring manufacturing and supply chain flexibility.

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Can This Metal 3D Printing System Make Production Additive Manufacturing Common in Machine Shops?
A new metal AM system for batches of end-use parts was designed to permit productivity and machine pricing comparable to a CNC machine tool.

Material Extrusion: Now with Metal

Material Extrusion: Now with Metal
Challenging our thinking about materials in metal additive manufacturing and the possibilities with material extrusion technology.

Assembled saddle carrier and swing arm next to a swing arm installed in an IDAR test engine

Metal AM System Revs Up Prototyping for Start-Up’s New Engine
The Desktop Metal Studio System demonstrates time and cost savings in prototyping and improving the parts for Lumenium’s IDAR engine. 

Ric Fulop and Brad Morris with Desktop Metal's Studio System 3D printer

Morris Group Supplies Desktop Metal’s 3D Printers for Rapid Prototyping
The Studio System platform is office-friendly and cost-effective, using a process similar to Fused Deposition Modeling in plastics printing, but for a variety of metals.

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Additive Manufacturing Machines for Metal Parts
Additive Manufacturing Machines—Binder Jetting
Additive Manufacturing Machines—Material Extrusion
Additive Manufacturing Machines—Powder Bed Fusion
Material for Additive Manufacturing - Metal