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Since 1983, Ebbco Inc. has evolved from a Detroit based industrial distributor dealing in fluid filters of all types, to a leading international company with a market focus on the metalworking industry. Ebbco's extensive North American distribution newtowk and working directly with OEM's,  keep initial acquisition costs low. As our company has evolved, it has become clear that the three elements of primary importance to us are our customers, our employees and our suppliers. First and foremost, Ebbco's goal is to supply our customers with state of the art, innovative metalworking filtration products that are easy to use and cost effective. One our primary strengths is to determine what the industry needs and to engineer our products to meet those needs. It is management's policy to solicit input from all employees in the process of manufacturing and distributing products to our industry. With an eye to excellence, management openly encourages all employees to further their education in their selected field, whether it be professional or technical.  The third element of our pyramid of excellence is identifying and maintaining quality vendors and products. Ebbco works closely with all of its vendors developing specifications for the products we purchase.  Ebbco also develops and patents new technologies for our vendors to utilize in the manufacture of our products. It is of paramount importance that our relationship with our vendors is mutually beneficial. This partnership of our customers, employees and vendors has produced the market leader that Ebbco is today.

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Company Profile

Ebbco inc. is a full service design and build manufactuer of metalworking filtration since 1983.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

International Mold Corporation’s waterjet goes to work on a set of shims. Since installation three years ago, the machine has been employed for manifolds, ejector plates, wear plates, gibs, fixtures and various other parts.

Waterjet Blasts Away 2D Tedium
A shop finds an alternative for work that does not require advanced CNC machining centers or high levels of moldmaking expertise.  

Mitsubishi waterjets

Pump, Motion System Expand Waterjet Possibilities
Two Mitsubishi waterjets from MC Machinery Systems equipped with 125-hp, 90,000-psi pumps from KMT Waterjet Systems enable this manufacturer to cut thicker material faster and more accurately.


Water Conservation in Waterjet Machining
This job shop’s water reclamation system also extends the life of waterjet machine hardware.

Grinding Filtration System
Ebbco’s Evolution series filtration systems for the grinding industry are said to be a complete precision machining filtration package, suitable for use with virtually all metals, PCD and ceramics.

Product Categories of Ebbco Inc. - Metalworking Filtration

Chip Conveyors
Coolant Delivery Systems
Coolant Reclamation Equipment
Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils
EDM Filtration Equipment & Supplies
Grinding Attachments & Accessories
Heat Exchangers & Air Conditioning Equipment
Lubricants & Greases
Oil Filtration & Treatment
Pumps, Coolant
Reclamation/Recycling Services, Scrap Dealers
Water Filtration & Treatment Equipment

Trade Names

Abrasive Removal
Closed Loop Filtration
Sludge Master