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The ERIX Back Spotfacer Story

The ERIX Automatic Back Spotfacer was invented in the early 70’s by an employee at Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad in Gothenburg – one of the most famous shipyards in the world at that time.

Huge diesel engines for ship propulsion were manufactured in the machine shop. Several parts needed back spotfacing, which was diffi-cult and time consuming using traditional methods. This new back spotfacing tool substantially improved the operation.

The production and marketing of this tool was handed over to a newly founded separate company in 1977. The name – with reference and reverence to the shipyard – was ERIX TOOL AB.

Since this time the automatic back spotfacer is sold worldwide.

More than 30 representatives in most industrialized countries distribute the tool to manufacturers of very different kinds of products – from tiny camera parts to large nuclear powered machinery.

Other examples include: engines, turbines, pumps, valves, printing machines, road building machinery, farming equipment and both hand-operated and numerically controlled machine tools, just to mention some.

Sooner or later nearly every metal working industry will find the use of the Erix Automatic Back Spotfacer as an ideal solution. Whether it is a simple or a complicated operation, whether using a small hand-operated machine, or an enormous machine tool equipped for untended production, or even an automatic multi-spindle set-up the Erix Automatic Back Spotfacer will save you time and money.

A Message from Erix Tool AB

ERIX Automatic Back Spotfacers

The ERIX automatic back spotfacing tool saves up to 90% of the manufacturing time on back spotfacing and chamfering operations compared to conventional methods.

VIDEO: See the ERIX Back Spotfacer in Action

The ERIX Automatic Back Spotfacing Tool has only one moving part, which gives excellent performance and reduction in machine time by 60 to 90% as compared to conventional methods.

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