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Exsys Tool Celebrates 25th Anniversary
“My father started his business out of our house in California, with boxes of toolholders stacked up on the washing machine,” recalls President and CEO Stewart Bachmann.

Eppinger Entering the Rotary Table Market

Eppinger Entering the Rotary Table Market
After developing rotary tables for its own production of tooling products, Eppinger is now entering the market to sell its rotary table products. 

Exsys Tool’s Eppinger Preci-Flex modular tooling system.

Exsys Tool's Double Collet Chucks Automatically Compensate for Misalignment
Eppinger Preci-Flex dual radial collet chucks from Exsys Tool are designed to increase the machining capability of turning machine tool turret station.

Exsys Compacto toolholder base

Tool Base Holder Maintains Precision during Change-Over
Exsys Tool's Compacto base holder is designed to reduce setup and tool-change times for CNC turning centers. 

Exsys Tool Inc. quad square shank static toolholder

Static Toolholders Cut Down on Tool Indexing
Exsys Tool’s double square shank and quad square shank static toolholders accommodate two or four inserts, respectively, in a single tool turret station.

Exsys Tool will display its Preci-Flex line of toolholders at IMTS 2018.

Compact Holders Speed Lathe Tool Changes
IMTS 2018: Exsys Tool Inc.’s Preci-Flex toolholders feature a short, compact design for improved accuracy and productivity. 

Exsys Tool Preci-Flex

Modular Tooling for Use in Mazak Turning Centers
Exsys Tool Inc. has expanded its line of Preci-Flex modular tooling systems to include a 10,000-rpm, 1:1 ratio rotary tool for Mazak Quick Turn and QTU-series turning centers.

Five-axis rotary table

Five-Axis Rotary Table Increases Productivity of VMCs
Exsys Tool, the North American supplier of pL Lehmann rotary tables, has introduced the space-saving TAP five-axis rotary table for small, high-speed VMCs.

PL Lehmann 500 series of modular multi-axis rotary tables

Multi-Axis Rotary Tables Can Be Assembled in 240 Configurations
The PL Lehmann 500 series of modular multi-axis rotary tables, available in North America through Exsys, can upgrade a VMC to increase productivity without the expense of a new machine.

diseño compacto de mesas

Rotary-Table Technology Improves Machining Repeatability
Pequot Tool & Manufacturing's imprecise rotary table positioning caused chatter and inaccurate machining. PL Lehmann's single-spindle rotary tables from Exsys/Eppinger provided repeatable rotary table positioning, consistent part tolerances and surface finishes.

Exsys Tool skiving head

Live Tooling Head Enables Angled Milling, Gear Skiving
Exsys Tool’s 90-degree skiving, drilling and milling head enables angled drilling and milling capabilities on turning centers as well as gear skiving operations.

Exsys Lehmann SwissClamp

Modular Clamping System Enables Mounting of Multiple Workpieces
Exsys Tool offers the pL Lehmann SwissClamp modular clamping system, enabling operators to mount multiple workpieces on machine tool tables for uninterrupted production and unattended operations.

compact rotary table

Sizing Up Rotary Table Advantages
Smaller may be better when it comes to rotary tables that enable a three-axis VMC to do five-axis machining.

Exsys Eppinger gear hobber

Gear Hobber Enables Single-Operation Gear Cutting
Available from Exsys Tool, the Eppinger gear hobber attachment for live turret stations enables single-setup, single-operation gear cutting for the generation of splines as well as spur and helical gears.

Dillon’s hard jaws

Houstex 2015 Preview Slideshow
Click through the slideshow to see a selection of technologies to be displayed at Houstex in advance of the February 24-26 trade show.

Gressel Gripos machine vises

Modular Vises Clamp with Tension
Available from Exsys Tool, Gressel’s Gripos machine vises clamp by tension rather than compression to eliminate baseplate deflection and promote high accuracy.

Exsys Eppinger Trifix System

Tool Positioning System VDI Reduces Setup Time
The Eppinger Trifix tool positioning system from Exsys enables quick and accurate exchanges of both static and driven tooling for multitasking machines.

Exsys/Eppinger compact gear hobber system

Gear Hobber Features Arbor Interchangeability
The Exsys/Eppinger compact gear hobber system features arbor interchangeability for holding various slotting saw and gear hobber sizes.

Johnford ST-80 CH turning center from Absolute Machine Tools

A Preview of Houstex 2013
This slideshow provides a sneak peek at some of the technologies that will be on display at Houstex 2013.

Exsys Tool Preci-Flex tooling adapters

Modular Tooling System Adds Extended, Shrink-Fit Adapters
Type 02 extended adapters and shrink-fit adapters have been added to Exsys Tool’s Preci-Flex line of high-precision modular tooling systems.

Camshaft machining

More Effective Camshaft Machining
A leading manufacturer of high-performance valve train components installed a twin spindle/twin-turret lathe to bring camshaft machining work in-house. Here, the company explains how it has become more effective using its multifunction lathe to produce small batches of custom racing camshafts.

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