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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Extrude Hone will display its Finish3D line of finishing services at IMTS 2018.

Finishing Services Enable Submicron Processing
IMTS 2018: Finish3D is a line of finishing services offered by Extrude Hone.

James Wilhite checks holes after TEM deburring

Burning Away the Burrs
Searching for an efficient means of deburring internal passages led this company to develop a specialized machining cell that incorporates thermal energy to smooth away rough edges.

Extrude Hone EVO

Electrochemical Honing Machine Performs without Stray Machining Attack
Kennametal Precision Surface Solutions offers its Extrude Hone EVO next-generation electrochemical machining (ECM) platform featuring generator technology delivering between 3 and 100 kW of power, depending on machine configuration.


Cost-Effective Deburring Solution
According to manufacturer Kennametal Extrude Hone, the enhanced TEM S250 deburring machine provides additional value and production flexibility at a competitive price. New features on the redesigned machine include modular construction and a more compact footprint to support lean manufacturing as well as new add-on options that facilitate customization. The machine incorporates the company’s Thermal Energy Method (TEM) technology, which uses heat to remove internal and external bores and flashings from metallic and die-cast workpieces after machining without compromising the integrity of other surfaces.

Non-contact, small-parts finishing process

Single System Offers Multiple Finishing Processes For Small Parts
An electrochemical finishing technology geared toward small workpieces cleans, deburrs, passivates, polishes and stress relieves workpieces all at once.

Aerospace Manufacturer Produces 'Perfect' Pins To Secure Arrays
Imagine the space shuttle delivering a space station payload into orbit when suddenly, the locking mechanism holding the 100-foot-long array of solar panels fails, and out pops the entire solar panel array.

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