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Fast-Acting, Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
Firetrace systems are designed to quickly and reliably detect and extinguish machine fires sparked by oil-based metalworking fluids, coolants and lubricants.

Fire Suppression Systems
 The company’s line of fire detection and suppression systems for CNC and EDM machines is designed to automatically detect and extinguish oil-based fires.

Cylinder on rear of machine tool

The Case For Supplementary Fire Suppression
Systems designed to put out fires inside machine tools can provide a level of protection that external systems such as overhead sprinklers cannot. They cost a small percentage of the investment represented by today’s CNC machines and certainly far less than repairing major damage caused by a fire. 

CNC Machine Fire Suppression System
The company’s automatic fire suppression systems are suited for CNC machines that use oil-based lubricants, which can overheat, ignite and cause a flash fire. Featuring a flexible polymer tubing that ruptures when exposed to a flame, these automatic systems detect and suppress a fire by flooding the machining area with a suppression agent and turning the power off. The machine can be returned to service within an hour.

Fire suppression system for machine tools

Fire Safety First
Don’t overlook safety when considering running your lathe unattended. An on-machine fire suppression system can save not only your lathe, but also your facility.

'Lights-Out' With A Lighter Commitment
For this integrated flexible pallet cell, the machines and the pallet system came from different suppliers. The shop is not locked into any supplier for adding machining centers later.

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