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Waterjet is the world’s most versatile machining process, and is used in countless industries. In many instances, waterjet has replaced more traditional processes because it does the job faster, better, or more efficiently. The benefits of waterjet are many: · Cuts any material, in any thickness, including metal, stone, tile, plastic, foam, rubber, composites, food, and paper · Minimal set up and fixturing · No heat-affected zone; allows tight nesting · Dynamic Waterjet™ by FLOW produces more precise parts than conventional waterjet and cuts up to 25-400% faster · Easy to use; FlowMaster® software requires only very basic Windows® PC knowledge Flow International Corporation is the world leader in waterjet technology and manufacturing, and a total systems supplier. Waterjet is our core business and we are committed to providing the highest quality products and highest level of service to our customers, including in-house technical support and customer service, available 24/7.

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Acclaimed for its power, speed, and versatility, ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology has experienced a steady surge in popularity across many industries.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

laser and waterjet products in a grid collage

March 2019 Product Spotlight: Laser and Waterjet
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on laser and waterjet fabrication technologies.

Flow International Mach 100 waterjet

Versatile Waterjet Machine Designed for Cost-Effectiveness
The Mach 100 has been characterized by Flow International as a cost-effective and versatile waterjet machine.

Flow International Mach 500 waterjet

Waterjet Series Offers Range of Options
IMTS 2018: Flow International introduces the Mach 100 to its series of waterjets for manufacturing leading parts, components and products.


Waterjet’s Cutting Head Enables Bevel Cutting, Taper Control
Fabtech 2017: Flow International has announced the release of its Mach 200, designed to be a practical and flexible waterjet solution for applications from stone to carbon fiber.

FlowXpert 2016

Waterjet CAD/CAM Software Eases Complex Work
Flow International releases FlowXpert 2016 for 3D pathing and cutting, enabling users to work more effectively and with less difficulty on complex, 3D parts.

Flow Waterjet Launches New Website
The site has been redesigned for international and mobile user friendliness.

Waterjet Machine Highlights Ergonomic Design
Flow International will display a variety of its waterjet cutting technologies, including the Mach 4 machine.

Flow International Opens Technology Center in Washington
The 14,000-square-foot facility has two classrooms and an applications lab with the company’s waterjet systems.

Techni Waterjet i713-G2 Dual Station waterjet

August 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Waterjet
Click through the slideshow for machines, accessories and software related to waterjet machining.

Waterjet Software Eases Path Generation for 3D Parts
Flow International’s FlowXpert 2015 CAD/CAM software introduces updates to the platform’s 3D path generation and cutting capabilities designed to enable waterjet users to work more effectively in 3D.

Flow Waterjet FlowXpert 2015

Waterjet CAD/CAM Software Streamlines Cutting Path Process
Flow International offers FlowXpert 2015, the latest version of its FlowXpert 3D CAD/CAM software featuring faster programming for waterjet applications.

Flow Waterjet Appoints President
The new executive will focus on new product technologies as well as customer satisfaction.

Esab Cutting Systems Hydrocut LX

November 2014 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Laser & Waterjet Machining
Click through the slideshow to view new equipment for laser and waterjet machining.

FlowXpert 2015

Software Eases 3D Waterjet Cutting
FlowXpert 2015, Flow International Corp.’s upgrade to its FlowXpert software suite, offers new capabilities for 3D pathing and cutting to enable waterjet users to work more effectively in 3D with less complexity.

Flow International DynaBeam laser sensing system for waterjets

Laser Height Sensing System for Waterjets
Flow International offers the DynaBeam laser sensing system, a noncontact material height-sensing solution for waterjets.

machining a 40-m wing

Laser Encoder Feedback for 40-Meter Wing Parts
Large machine travels, long machining cycles and changing aircraft manufacturing precision demands necessitated a non-contact approach to machine-tool position feedback.

flow waterjet Royal Composites'

Setting the Stage for Sizeable Composites Work
By adding a five-axis waterjet/milling machine, its biggest autoclave and a more expansive lay-up room, Royal Engineered Composites is positioning itself to win larger-scale aerospace work it sees on the horizon.

Flow International Certifies Veterans
Workshops for Warriors celebrates its first class of Flow-certified waterjet operators.

The Case for Abrasive Waterjet
Hear one shop’s case for using abrasive waterjet versus other cutting options.

Flow International Mach 4c waterjet

Waterjet Offers Expandable Cutting Area
Flow International will display its Mach 4c waterjet designed to optimize production with an expandable modular design that can lengthen the cutting area to 14 m (48 ft.).

Optiplex 3015

A Technology Sampling from FABTECH 2012
Here are a few technologies spotted at the 2012 edition of Fabtech, the annual metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event.

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Trade Names

Dynamic Waterjet XD®
Dynamic Waterjet®
Integrated Flying Bridge
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Waterjet Machining Center®