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Fowler Appoints President
Patrick Madigan is said to have received numerous industry leadership and development titles, including a 2017 PBN Award for excellence in green manufacturing.

Verisurf 2017 and zCAT

Verisurf Software Integrated into Portable, Programmable CMM
Verisurf Software’s latest release, Verisurf 2017, will be integrated to support and drive the Fowler zCAT portable, programmable coordinate measurement machine (CMM).

height gage

New Height Gage Boosts Inspection Throughput For Small Job Shop
Used basically to locate holes and accurately measure diameters from 2.5 inches down to .25 inch, the gage has largely replaced others-primarily gage block setups and bore gages-and permits faster, more frequent dimensional checks at far higher accuracies.

Long barrel instrument

Bore Gaging Flexibility Boosts Productivity
A key machining operation at the plant is the boring of metal; consequently, improved inner and outer diameter measurement ability is required.

Meeting Rotating Part Specs Focuses Machine Shop On Quality Inspection
Portable arm coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer advantages beyond portability.

Precision Fabricator Boosts 100 Percent Parts Inspection Program W/ Height Gage
Amherst has been able to attain much faster inspection with the addition of a new and highly versatile Fowler/Sylvac Z-Cal height gage from Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc. One of the key advantages of this gage is its ability to be used both in the inspection laboratory and directly at the lathes, grinders and other milling machines producing the parts, says Michael Kretz, vice president of plant operations.

Bore Gage Becomes Key In Quality Control Program
A state of the art bore gage, intensified training programs and extensive machine tool maintenance regimes are making it possible for Eskridge, Inc.--a machine shop specializing in rotation drives, planetary gear boxes and fail-safe brakes--to shorten delivery times, boost part accuracy, improve overall product quality and increase employee efficiency.

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