Fryer Machine Systems, Inc.

Robin Hill Corporate Park
70 Jon Barrett Road
Patterson , NY 12563 US

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Company Profile

Fryer machine tools are hand built, American made tools representing the highest quality and value available today.

The Fryer Difference -- All the Features You Need -- STANDARD   COME AND COMPARE -- SEE US AT IMTS 2014 BOOTH 8719  

Best-in-Class Made in USA Machine ToolsFryer offers a full range of American made machine tools from toolroom mills and lathe to high performance vertical and horizontal machining centers.

The Fryer Difference -- All the Features You Need -- STANDARD   COME AND COMPARE -- SEE US AT IMTS 2014 BOOTH 8719  

Fryer features an impressive line of American-made toolroom bed mills, flat bed and high performance slant bed turning centers.

The Fryer Difference -- All the Features You Need -- STANDARD   COME AND COMPARE -- SEE US AT IMTS 2014 BOOTH 8719  

Custom Machine Design Let Fryer’s engineers work with you to create the custom solution for your manufacturing dilemma.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Fryer Easy Turn lathe

Toolroom Lathe Features Automated Turning Cycles
Eastec 2019: Fryer Machine Systems has updated its Easy Turn series of toolroom combination lathes. 

Fryer will display its MB series of toolroom bed mills at IMTS 2018.

Toolroom Mill Makes Machining Easy
IMTS 2018: Full manual operation and other features reportedly make Fryer Machine Systems’ MB series of toolroom bed mills easy to use for anyone. 

Video: C-Axis Interpolation for Turning on a Machining Center
Controlling spindle revolution in time with the helical feed enables a single-point tool to “turn” the bore of this part.

Effort Foundry's machine shop

The Foundry's Way Forward
An established supplier of short-run castings just opened and staffed a new, fully equipped, in-house CNC machine shop. Taking ownership of machining will improve the company’s range of services to customers as well as its quality control.

Walter Titex drills and a Fryer VB-60 machining center

Through-Coolant Capability Reduces Cycle Time
Aided by Walter Titex tooling and a new higher-rpm machine tool from Fryer, Toolmasters Inc. was able to cut cycle time on a complex die set.

Okamoto's OD grinder

Combination Machines Changing The Toolroom
There's a relatively quiet but relentless change in metalworking toolroom equipment. Handwheels are still there, so manual operation is preserved, but now there is the capacity to operate these machines automatically via CNC or using a combination of manual and CNC. Timing for this additional flexibility is perfect.

New York shop

Growing Into CNC
Like many manufacturing enterprises, this New York shop started with the most basic machine tools and processes. In just six years, they've gone from virturally zero to almost $40 million in sales. Here's a look at how the company's manufacturing has had to evolve to keep up with triple-digit growth in the sales of its products.

Product Categories of Fryer Machine Systems, Inc.

Additive Manufacturing Machines—Directed Energy Deposition
Boring Machines
Drilling & Tapping Machines, CNC
Drilling Machines, Deep Hole (Gundrilling)
Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
Lathes, Cycle-Controlled (Semi-CNC or "Teachable")
Milling Machines, Bed-Type
Milling Machines, Graphite
Milling Machines, Knee & Column, Non-ATC
Milling Machines, Planer, Gantry & Bridge Type
Thread Cutting Machines
Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Multi-Turret
Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC
Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis

Trade Names

Easy Turn Series
ET Series Lathes
Fryer Horizontal Machining
Fryer SL Series
Fryer Toolroom Lathes
Fryer Toolroom Mills
HR Series
MB Series
MC Series
SL Series
SX Series
Touch 2000 CNC
Touch 2200 CNC
VB Series