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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Ohio Manufacturing Summit Panel

Manufacturing Panelists Agree: The Industry Is Booming
At the Ohio Manufacturing Summit, four panelists fielded a variety of questions. Each found good reason for manufacturing optimism.

Additive manufacturing products

February 2018 Product Spotlight: Additive Manufacturing
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on various additive manufacturing machines, software and equipment.

GE Additive Atlas Beta machine

Powder-Bed Machine Grows Large Parts
The Beta machine offers improved resolution and build rates speeds for powder-bed laser fusion.

Turbine blade root form filling slot with added 3D-printed feature

Using Hybrid Additive Manufacturing, GE Leverages Turbine Blade Repair into Efficiency Improvement
An engineering modification that would have been impractical or cost-prohibitive in the past is realized on a machine tool performing metal 3D printing and machining in the same cycle.

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Material for Additive Manufacturing - Metal
Training and Consultancy Services—Additive Manufacturing