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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Aztalan employee operating a machine with bar feeder

Becoming a Second Source for Ventilator Parts
Demand for ventilator parts stretched this shop’s supply chain. Here is what it took to rapidly insource production.

bar feeder

From Aggravation to Lights-Out Production
Automated machining has transformed this South Carolina shop. However, achieving unattended production involved far more than just shutting off the lights.

Bar Feeder for Swiss Lathes
The Elite 220 bar feeder for Swiss-type lathes features two barstock magazine types with basic bar feeder configuration: a standard linear/gravity magazine for barstock ranging from 0.25" to 0.787" and a “walking beam” type for barstock ranging from 0.080" to 0.25".

machine occupies less floorspace

High-Volume Alternative To Machining Centers
Transfer machines that are flexible rather than dedicated can run large quantities without dedicating labor or floorspace. (Includes video.)

Gantry parts loader and storage device

Automation For Chucked Parts
A free-standing parts loading system allows automated material delivery and parts storage so a chucker can run unattended for long stretches of time.


Succeeding Beyond A Specialty
This shop watched its chosen niche become less profitable. Its response was a dramatic investment in new equipment, along with an information-related change that has made all of the shop’s equipment more cost-effective.


Investing In New Business
When this South Carolina screw machine shop started losing jobs to China, it looked for ways to replace the lost business with more challenging jobs where labor costs are not the only consideration. The firm invested in a pair of turn-mill machines that run 24/7, producing parts complete in one setup. The new machining capability has attracted new business that more than compensates for that which was lost.

Alpine Automation Cyclone

Choosing The Right Bar Feeder
Take a look at some of the options, and find out how some shops make their decisions.

IEMCA in action

Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone
Taking the BIG step that radically changes the way you do things is not for the faint of heart. It requires more than just a leap of faith. It requires hard work, thorough research and selecting technology that works so well you needn't think about that step once taken.

Company Improves Feed Time And Keeps Lathes Running Around The Clock
Paul Villemaire, CEO, and Gene Fantozzi, general manager, C&M Machine Products Inc. (Willoughby, Ohio), share a notion that some technologies should begin paying for themselves immediately. This, they affirm, is not a radical notion but one based on research and experience.

CNC Machines

Shop Automates Small Diameter Machines
'Processes, not prayers' is a slogan at Starro Precision, a screw machine shop that's taking off like a rocket fueled by tightly focused growth and strategic planning. The use of appropriate technology, including automated bar feed systems, helps maximize resources.

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